so ive been taking t3 for about 12 days now. i started at 10mcg for about 5 days, and slowly ramped to 20, 30, and then 40. i took my 40mcg dose yesterday. well, yesterday i had constant diarrea, i went to the gym, came back, and then later last night i developed pretty bad feaver. since about 3am last night ive had rapid heart beat till right now, which is about 8 30am. i havent been able to sleep at all. i just took 50mg diphenhydramine to try to tire myself out enough to fall asleep. i really don't know what else i should do to slow down my heart rate.

    and as far as the t3 goes, i think im going to get off of it . should i take 30mcg today, then ramp down to 0 over a week?

    help would be great appreciated!
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  2. those are symptoms of an overdose, are you sure your dosing it correctly and also is it liquid or tabs. If liquid you run the risk of inaccurate dosage when it was made

  3. google "thyrotoxicosis"
    its really not something to mess with, i'd see a doc, if not the ER.

  4. I had similar problems but from a screwed thryoid. My thyroid would release large quanities of hormone at one time and would really screw me up. Same thing you are experiencing by adding synthetic hormone. Put my heart on abnormal rythm and 250beats per minute, was hospitalized for a week

  5. Discontinue immediately. If you decide to proceed, do not increase by more than 5mcg at a time or more often than, say, 7 days.

  6. well i found out i must have caught what my niece had the day before. two of my brothers have the stomach problems. so i guess i can rule out that the t3 made me ill. however, the heart rate thing was still a real thing last night. eventually i passed out and now i just have some fever aches. the heart rate has slowed down a bit. as far as getting off of it. even though i only got up to 40mcg, wouldnt it be a bad idea to stop it cold turkey? would going down to 20mcg for a few days first be better?
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  7. Only? It is too much.

    It has a half life of 2.5 days. You decide how you want to proceed.

  8. this is weird, you're on pretty much a maintenance dose of t3 people would use on a daily basis if their thyroid is not producing sufficient levels....either the stuff is grossly overdosed, you're dosing it wrong, or it's got nothing to do with the t3.

  9. yeah i think it was overdosed. that was 2 years ago! i havent tried it since. but i kind of want to.

    i was eating an insane amount of cals and not gaining weight lol
    For me, the action IS the juice.


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