Help, What to do? DTP, Formex, Fenugreek.

  1. Help, What to do? DTP, Formex, Fenugreek.

    whats up guys, here is my situation I currently have 1 bottle of Diesel Test Pro cycle, 2 bottles of Formex, and 1 one 100ct 610mg GNC Fenugreek capsules. How I ended up with these? Well, I have for about 2 years now been of fan of the Diesel Test line (2010, DTHC, DTP) so I decided to try out DTP for the first time. As far as the Formex is concerned, well my GF was happy with the results/side effects of Formex and she decided to order me a couple bottles before it was banned, I have had it sitting around for a couple months now. The last time I took it I was simply dosing 1 cap a day in the morning and had an insanely high libido (sign of high test/DHT). The Fenugreek, I got on sale at the local Rite Aid. $5.99 for two 100 cap bottles. I also remember hearing something about Fenugreek being the ingredient that had DT 2010 on par with if not superior to DTHC. I have recently been learning about its purported benefits.

    So with all that said I am wondering if these 3 products can be stacked together and in what way? or if I should simply take them individually.

  2. bump...i really want some ideas as how to dose these.

  3. Run the DTP 4 days a week, and Form only 3 days a week.

    DTP 2-3 caps morning, 2-3 caps afternoon 4 days a week

    formex - 1 dose twice a day 3 days a week

    frenu-whatever, not gonna do much. Try taking it with the DTP doses.
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