Protien bars

  1. Protien bars

    I eat at least two bars a day and about 7 to 8 meals a day with them being two of the meals .What bars out there are good for geeting lean,Anyone

  2. Only you know the answer to that, based on your diet. Read the labels on the bars, find some that correspond to your diet (ie high protein/low carb, high carb/high protein, etc.), and enjoy!

  3. two of the best protein bars ive found for quick snacks are MetRX Protein Plus bars (32g of protein and only 3 net carbs) and Doctor's Carb Rite bars (20g of protein with 2.5 net carbs). both have excellent flavors and are pretty filling. i usually eat one of either of these bars and a handful of almonds between classes....

  4. Vpx zero impact, hands down. The least ingredients, relatively whole natural stuff, decent ratio protein/fat/carbs. I ate a couple metrx bars today, necessity due to work, and I'm kind of grossed out. Test tube food.

  5. The majority of these bars have pretty good protein to carbs ratio, but they're
    loaded with sugar and/or alcohol sugar.

  6. protein bars clog me the hell up

  7. what do you guys think of those Cliff Builder Bars? i know they aren't whey protein, which will bring some criticism, but they seem to do the job.

  8. Value for money they are not. Realistic in a busy day - probably.

    Some of the high whey faction powders provide incredible levels of pure protein. I've just ordered 90% whey factions, meaning 90g protein per 100g whey. For any food thats incredible. Like to make my own protein bars - certainly source better whey. An oats and whey protein recipe would be handy if anyone has one.

  9. ya good for a busy day but youll pay out the azz if your gonna eat 2 a day.

  10. A big problem is that they are very concentrated sources of calories, great if you are bulking, but overall not awesome. You eat 300 calories in 6 bites, don't feel full, and go eat more than you should.

  11. Ive been eatting zero impact to help bulk and its worked.


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