Blue GENE - UPDATED and IMPROVED (and at no additional cost)

  1. Exclamation Blue GENE - UPDATED and IMPROVED (and at no additional cost)


    This should be at nutraplanet and other sites in within the next week or two (depending on their current inventory):

    1) Why was PLCAR replaced with GlycoCarn (GPLC)? (Answer: The answer is twofold: It was brought to our attention that legally PLCAR cannot be used as its covered under a patent. More importantly we viewed the science behind GlycoCarn (GPLC) as very strong and wanted to include it in the product, rather than just remove the PLCAR altogether and simply increase the amount of regular carnitine)

    2) How will the results differ? (Answer: GlycoCarn (GPLC) has been shown to enhance overall Nitric Oxide levels and help with endurance. It is also patented and has much clinical information published regarding its benefits in the human athlete. PLCAR has not been proven to be as good for NO enhancement as GlycoCarn (GPLC))

    3) Are there any other benefits from GlycoCarn (GPLC)? (Answer: yes, clinical data has shown additional benefits when GlycoCarn (GPLC) is combined with CoQ10 as can be found in Blue Gene)

    4) How much GlycoCarn (GPLC) is in there? (Answer: Roughly the same amount of PLCAR that was in there before. We also increased the total Carnitine (combination of both forms) by 300mg so the complex will now be 4050mg instead of 3750mg.)

    5) Is the GlycoCarn (GPLC) licensed from Sigma Tau (the Patent Holder)? (Answer: Yes)

    6) How much extra will this cost me since it was upgraded? (Answer: Nothing! As we have done with orange triad and green bulge in the past, we have upgraded the formula at additional cost to us, but we are not passing along the extra cost to customers in the hope that this loss will be made up in a greater volume of sales)

  2. Nice! Always liked BG

  3. Quote Originally Posted by mattikus View Post
    Nice! Always liked BG
    i think you will like it even more now, as will your wallet

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