Need some advice on supplements for Baseball.

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    Need some advice on supplements for Baseball.

    Alright hey guys i know most of you probally dont have direct reference to supplementing in baseball more specifically Pitching but i know you can help me with some areas of need. Basically as a pitcher some things i need are good focus, lack of nerves, stamina/endurance Im looking for a product(s) that can offer me some of those traits. Currently i was thinking to cover the Stamina/Endurance portion i would go with Incarnate which is a beta a/cissus product which i think is a perfect combo. I would take 4 caps an hour before throwing. Now i wasnt to sure about a focus product i was looking into Focus XT or maybe a phenibut product to keep me calm. But if you have any advice or have had first hand experience that would be wonderful.

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    If you are looking for a stimmed focus/endurance product, then I think FocusXt is your PERFECT choice. I personally like the calm collected problem solving feel I get at work with Focus when I sip on it with like 32oz of water... maybe over a 2-3 hour period. This might be just what you're looking for with long drawn out lulls between innings.

    If you're looking for a non stim option, try looking into Axis Slingshot. It has all the essentials and a lot of athletes like it. We've had an MMA fighter, swimmer, and powerlifter give positive feedback. I like it during the occasional full body powerball class, just to keep me from crashing at the end of the session.

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