interesting new non thermo fat burner!

  1. interesting new non thermo fat burner!

    AM advertiser Swanson has this as a new offering=

    at work, and Glabridin is a key polyphenol, is that correct?
    Dr. Aoki: Yes, that's right. The polyphenols (flavonoids) found in this Asian species of licorice display unique biological activity. There are over 80 polyphenols in the Glavonoid complex. We've identified Glabridin, the most abundant polyphenol, as being central to the beneficial potential of licorice extracts, which is why we use only the "glabra" species. Glabridin is found only in this species of licorice and it's by far the most widely researched and documented active licorice flavonoid. We standardize Glavonoid to a specific level of Glabridin to optimize the fat-burning potential.

    SWANSON: I did not think of licorice in terms of fat burning. How exactly does it work?

    Dr. Aoki: Not exactly in the manner one usually associates with that term. Based on our research, we believe the mechanism of action to be activation of fat burning and suppression of fat synthesis in the body. Let me explain:
    There are many published animal studies for Glavonoid that show benefits for managing visceral fat, maintaining healthy blood glucose, and on the pharmacokinetics of glabridin. The first studies used obesity model mice or rats, which are known to represent obesity in humans. In these studies, Glavonoid ingestion was confirmed to improve both gene expression and enzymatic activity for fat burning and for the prevention of fat synthesis in the liver. One study used DNA micro array technology, which can analyze what kind of genes Glavonoid ingestion changes in the body. The analysis showed that taking Glavonoid improved gene expression of fat burning and fat synthesis related enzymes in the body.

    SWANSON: So, when people say they can't lose weight because it's "in their genes," this in fact can be addressed through nutrients like Glavonoid?

    Dr. Aoki: To an extent, yes, that is true. Glavonoid is what some call a "nutrigenomic" supplement. Nutrigenomics refers to the study of how nutrients interact with our genes. It's a fascinating field that has seen growing interest in recent years, and Glavonoid is one of the first supplements proven to work on these principles. Many nutritional scientists believe nutrigenomics will lead us into a new future in which we are truly able to understand and optimize the power of nutrition for health and wellness.
    Many people are predisposed to carrying weight in the form of visceral fat, which tends to accumulate in the belly. By signaling the expression of genes that control this storage mechanism, it appears Glavonoid can positively influence fat metabolism and discourage the accumulation of visceral fat.


  2. I think Patrick Arnold had licorice polyphenols in one of his fat burners at one time but I am not positive.

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