Feelings on OEP

  1. Feelings on OEP

    Ive been taking OEP for about two weeks now and I must say the appetite suppression is top notch. I was skeptical at first because I haven't had much luck with USP products in the past (Prime, Recreate), but after hearing things from a guy I trust and reading around I figured I'd try it. I have to force myself to eat with this stuff. Given that effect being so prevalent I have to assume that the thermo aspect is doing it's job as well. Being on the bigger side my dosing tends to be higher with most supplements to "feel" the effects. However, I am currently taking two AM and one PM and enjoying it which is nice for a change to not have to double up on dosing and spend even more on supplements. I have since decided to try Jacked because of my enjoyment with OEP. Only a few days with that, but so far so good.

    I don't know if anyone cares, but I figured I mine as well share a positive experience given that there is so much out that and so many things that don't work. Great job with this one USP.

  2. i have had the same experience i find the appetite supression great and I am only having to dose 2 per day one am and one pm so it's really worth the money i could get a 6 week run out of only one bottle.

  3. Thank you for the OEP feedback! It has, indeed, received a lot of positive feedback, both as a stand-alone fat-loss agent, and as part of a stack with Recreate, other USPLabs products, or other products.
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  4. I am really enjoying it now and see no decline in its effects, I just put in to try out Pink Magic in the new thread I hope I am selected for that as this product has worked so well. It's week three and everything is still working and my dosing is the same. I cannot express how important that is. Not having to double up to get the effects is such a nice change.

  5. In my opinion OEP is the ****. I want a T-shirt from you guys. I felt like doing windsprints inside my hospital today. So much energy and my metabolic rate is through the roof. Myself and Bradleywiens coupled this with Tabata training.

    I already have got alot of people on Jack3d. I also wanted to know if you guys will be at Mr Olympia this year. We looked all over for you guys, but could not find the booth last year.

    PM for my address. I promise to sell your product to the gym rats.

    To anyone reading this thread. If you want a no BS cut sup get this, You wont regret it.

  6. been on OEP and recreate stack for 2 weeks now, 1 word, UNBELIEVABLE......heat was crazy first week, 2nd week is kind leveled off but still sweating and appetite suppression is good, i take 1 oep and 1 recreate in morning on empty stomach, and 1 and 1 about 30 before afternoon workout. Coming from a person that is constantly hungry and stim resistant, those are good results so far. Just a warning that this stuff may not wear off in the 6 to 8 hour period they say. Ive taken it at 12pm and still had trouble sleeping a couple days. If your an early riser like me, i take my first does around 5 to 6am and then overlap at the 6 hour mark, that way it gives ya a little cushion before bedtime, i dont have too much of a problem sleeping anymore, so the more you use it, the more you will get used to it.

  7. I did a six week run of OEP when it first came out as part of a cut. I dropped 21 pounds. I agree that this stuff is the ****!!!

  8. Ticco....

    you say you've been on it for 2 weeks. What are the results thus far in terms of fat loss? I'm planning on using it during a cut in May.



  9. I have been using OEP for two weeks and I'm very happy with the results. I've tried the recreate that didn't work to well for me. Checked out some of the posts on this forum and decided to try it. My energy is excellent i've lost about 7 lbs in two weeks. I'm currently dosing 2 am 1 pm and its working well. At first i didnt think it was working until i got on the scale a realized my weight dropped and looked in the mirror and started seeing my six pack.
    I highly recommend this product for anyone interested in shredding the fat.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by saggy321 View Post
    What are the results thus far in terms of fat loss?
    I've been on it for about a week now and definitely look leaner. I weight everyday at the same time and the scale is saying I've dropped about 4+lbs so far... I'm trying to get pretty cut up for a trip I'm taking soon and OEP is definitely doing its job.

    Also, to the OP - I've taken Jack3d for 9 months now and absolutely love it - you should definitely give it a shot! Just a word of advice: read the label! I see a lot of people sh*t talking Jack3d (from the title) and once I click on the link it's because they took 3 scoops their first time on! Jack3d is hardcore, you definitely want to start with a small serving a slowly work your way up.


  11. That's odd... I felt the slight Yohimbe effect but that was it. The appetite suppressant effect was a total let down. I miss the Slim Xtreme.
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    Quote Originally Posted by texzen123 View Post
    That's odd... I felt the slight Yohimbe effect but that was it. The appetite suppressant effect was a total let down. I miss the Slim Xtreme.
    Can't win them all...Maybe the doc can write you a script for Slim Extreme..

  13. Quote Originally Posted by texzen123 View Post
    That's odd... I felt the slight Yohimbe effect but that was it. The appetite suppressant effect was a total let down. I miss the Slim Xtreme.
    Man u serious? i have to force feed myself just to get enough protein in throught the day! i agree with the rest that oep is the $***! energy, appetite suppressant and the sense of well being is awesome. by far the best usp product i have had. i too only have one am and one 6-8 hours later and feel the benifits all day. i use to always get real hungary at night and want sweets, not no mo'.

  14. I agree guys. I love OEP I have only been on it for 3 days now, and am already feeling the effects. The energy is amazing, and appetite suppressant is just enough. I can still get enough food to refuel, but I am not looking for snacks during the day. I take 1 in the AM before my workout along with 1.5 scoops Jack3d, then 1 more in the afternoon. I will be stacking OEP with ReCreate here shortly along with Glycobol. Can't wait to get shredded!

  15. True.. just voicing an opinion that was not "product sponsored;" just as a user.. I've taken Phentermine 30 & 37.5 mg, DNP, HGH (9 month cycle 2.5-4mg pd), Tenuate, Meridia, ECA stacks varying E from 12.5 mg to 25 mg, Yohimbie HCL Transdermal & Oral, Clen-T3, Levothroid, Armour Thyroid 1/2 grain, Lipo 6, and 20-30mg Accomplia... but I have to say, the only thing that worked consitently well was Slim Xtreme.. My doc may prescribe something, and while I'm in there I'll ask for a script for the one guys "attitude." Perhaps some L-Tryptophan? Jeez.. Like I said, it's just an "un-sponsored" opinion from presonal experience.. Have a Great One~~

  16. If you have taken all that and have no success, you should look into the parts of your pyramid. Something is out of balance.

  17. I agree with you there... I think self discipline is impossible to circumvent.. Point Taken~~


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