Blood work!!

  1. Blood work!!

    my buddy just got some blood work done and he wasn sure how to read it and i deff wasnt able to either. here it goes. can someone translate this for me. mods i posted it here due to hight traffic, if needed to move please do so thanks.
    thanks, will rep alll

    tested for test and estrogen.

  2. If he's around 35 years then the test is bang on average.

    If he is younger ... bit low.

    The 244 range is for teenagers 18-21.
    Estriol seems nice and low - only just getting my E2 checked.

  3. im not sure how old he is hes a buddy/co worker.

  4. Geee

    Dated a girl recently who I sensed was a bit older than me; face impecable the give away is always in the hands. Great girl regardless.

    Can be difficult to assess a girl's age because they can go to great trouble to make this so.

    Not knowing the age of a guy?! Does he wear foundation?

    If he's <30 the test is towards the lower side and should ... try eating onion rats (see onion test boost thread). Really IMO a regular gym guy should have above average test, I do anyway.

  5. Oh for medical purposes his test is fine. For muscle building then not optimal.

    You can estimate the guys age from the test score and I think it would put him in his mid-thirties. Guess its easier than looking at his hands!

  6. hahaha your killin me man. hes one of those nerds were they look young but he has like 3 kids already and i know hes over 21 bc i see him at the bar. i would say about 25.

  7. Thats low test. Its lower than average.

    My test levels are higher than that (I am mid-thirties).

    He'll need to keep an eye on that for the future - that can't keep dropping as heavily as it does in your average guy.

    He'll be okay for now though.


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