Need recommendations for client

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    Need recommendations for client

    I have a personal training client that has recently expressed to me that although he has been happy with his results, he is ready to take it to another level (gain 5-10lbs. more lean mass). I am really pumped about the request because the majority of my clients are housewives that "don't like their thighs." I really prefer to get medieval on the "willing clients."
    Besides the changes I will be making to his routine, he is willing to engage in some supplementation. As a professional trainer, I will not suggest any pro-hormones (or greater) etc. to him, however I would definitely like to get him on some OTC test boosters, anabolic stimulants, etc.
    I have only recently caught on to the potential effectiveness of currently available products (as I took a cycle of Epol not knowing what it was, whole 'nother story).
    As a VERY delayed PCS I have been taking:
    Activate Extreme
    Sustain Alpha (oral)
    Suppress C
    Liquid and capsule amino acids
    Protein (of course)
    (Torem, Organ Shield, Milk thistle etc, and probably some things I can't think of at this moment).
    Although I'm not as pumped and hard as I was while on Epol, I have managed to keep a good bit of my weight up. I really have no idea though if that is because the supplements are doing their job, if the results of PH's linger longer than I thought, or if it is because my training has been so rejuvenated from the results I had. If it is the supplements, it is difficult to say which one or all have been effective. So I don't know if it would be fair to just recommend what I was taking.

    In the past I had taken T-Bomb II and felt that I had good results, but not sure if it was because I was training harder and more consistent (placebo effect).

    I would love some recommendations, as my experience with supplements (other than the basics) is still young.

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    -creatine (Green Bulge is a favorite)
    -BCAA (Xtend, LG BCAA+EAA)
    -protein powder (Myofusion)

    Test Booster:
    -OMEGA RecoverBro-
    When an omega male is born it's game over

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