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  1. About prime

    Does prime have anything to do with fat loss?

  2. the only thing i have experienced from it is a HUGE increase in strength. no fat loss, no weight gained other than maybe 2 pounds
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  3. How much strength increase?
    maybe a recomp effect ?(with a recomp diet )

  4. Quote Originally Posted by darkvard View Post
    How much strength increase?
    maybe a recomp effect ?(with a recomp diet )
    GOOD strength/recovery effect along muscle hardening and some recomp effect.
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  5. example of my gains: went from about 225 x5 to about 265x5 barbell bench
    DB bench went from 90x8 on flat to 105x5 and im doing 90 on DB incline now
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  6. what is the feeling like when on it?

  7. you can stack it with OxyElite and have fat loss and gain strength. Nice stack! I'm Stacking Prime, Oxy, and Recreate right now. Str8 Nasty!

  8. i didnt get a "feeling" from it...i just felt strong all day cause thats what i was. its worth trying man. to all unbelievers out there, just try it at the 69 protocol and come back and share results. i promise you 100% u will make strength gains
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  9. a bit pricy for water chestnut

  10. Prime is very versataille but does have the tendancy towards recomp. If you want to lose weight while on it you could probably do it by running maintenance calories. Prime seems to dispose of extra calories somehow, maybe it's just the increased intensity of the workouts. The point is you can de anything you want with it, just depends on diet. The biggest reason a lot of people don't gain on it is they simply don't eat enough. If you bulk on it eat the extra calories, I mean above and beyond what you would normally, the gains tend to be very high quality.
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  11. Im on xfactor plus my own formula for no2 and ultima (cratine) i wonder what kind of gains i would get adding prime it should be here within a few days


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