Natural Supplements Bad For You?

  1. Natural Supplements Bad For You?

    I have a lot of support supplements that I use. And I have some friends that see these supplements and say that I take too much stuff and I need to be careful. I always figured the opposite and that these supplements were for health benefits.

    Hawthorne Berries
    Redyeast Rice
    Liv Support
    Saw Palmetto
    Gingko Biloba

    Does anyone have any insights?

    Is taking these natural supplements daily good or bad for my health?

  2. im pretty sure those are ok for you. i take them daily and im pretty sure most of the people on here take similiar. i would just check to see how much your multi vitamin has compared to what else you take. if you multi supplies for example saw palmetto (the daily %) them i would cut it from taking it so it can save you $.

  3. nothing is wrong with it i take a multi,fish oil,b-50,vitman c, cosamin ds, zinc... u should b fine they just say that cuz they usually dont know what they r talking about

  4. I take similar to what you take, minus the red yeast rice, l-lysine, and liv support. I add in anti-oxidants, digestive aides, and valerian root though. Nothing wrong with any of that, like jbray said though, just try to make sure you're not overlapping on any of those with a multi or other supps.

  5. Thanks fellas

  6. yeah, i would say that whatever you body doesnt use just gets pissed away. Literally. So its not like it will build in your system and become toxic. Some vitamins and minerals do so do some homework but you list looks to be find. FYI Vitamin A beta carotene and iron do build up in the system and can become toxic. Most multis have these in them so make sure your reading labels of all your supps

  7. I hope you just forgot to put fish oil - as health supplements go, high doses of omega-3 area a must.

  8. Nothing wrong with your supplement program other than Red Yeast Rice lowers CoQ10 but then you are taking additional CoQ10 so you should be fine. I personally like beta sitisterol for cholesterol control but the primary reason I use it is for my prostate. Beta sitisterol is the active ingredient in saw pametto, stinging nettle, Pygeum Africanum and others.

  9. anabolic innovations Life Support is good has stuff for blood pressure,cholesterol,kidney and liver.

  10. If you are using the old RYR with the statin drug in it then IMO you don't need this at all unless you actually have cholesterol problems. It's like taking a blood pressure medicine when you don't have high blood pressure.

    Saw palmetto supposedly blocks the enzyme 5 alpha-reductase which converts testosterone to DHT. Unless you have a reason to want to lower DHT such as susceptibility to male pattern baldness, taking steroids or have androgen specific prostate cancer then IMO this is not something you need to take.


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