ok ive done tons of research on this and there always seems to be good reasoning for different approaches, would like to see if we can get a consensus

Ok well this is my approach... I take my target weight as base not my actual weight.

PRE Target weight x 0.33 for carbs and half that for protein no fat
POST Target weight x 0.50

Target Weight 220lb
PRE = 220 x 0.33 = 72g c, 36g p
POST = 220 x 0.50 = 110g c, 55g p

PRE go the low GCI route, 1 cup skim milk, 1 cup oats 1 banana and 36g Isopurepure whey
POST use Waxymaize for carbs and Isopure Whey

I like the Isopure as it is great quality whey full of BCAA and no carbs, makes it easier to customize my shake.

I also take a NO product and extra 5g Creapure PRE

I time my PRE as close to workout as possible normally within 20 minutes of hitting the gym, i really dont find intra WO supp necessary as i will hit my POST at end of workout or during last 15 minutes if its a particularly grueling one.

Whats your approach and why