Need some help choosing a Supp

  1. Need some help choosing a Supp

    So basically, I have been leaning out for the summer Im looking to drop down to around 215. While Im in this process I want to take something that will help maintain strength and possibly increase my strength. Some products Im currently thinking about are Formestane,Activate extreme, Testopro, DTP possibly stalking two products together Idk . . . So if you guys could help me out with some insight that would be great.

  2. I know a great fat loss stack from primordial performances
    and for strenght, i would try this cause it will give u strenght but help u get cut too!! its primordials version of halodrol, i like them so much cause of their liquid vade technology!! hit me up with what u decide tho

  3. Thanks for that man but, Im not interested in a fat burner or a steroid right now.

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