First Time Caller/Long-Time Listener.

  1. First Time Caller/Long-Time Listener.

    So, here's where I'm at. I'm 32, don't know a damn thing about lifting weights, though I have been reading, I try to use good form with slow reps, and I know enough to know, for example, that a longer workout isn't great because of catabolic this or that. I'm 5'10" and change, and while I graduated high school and 113 lbs., to now weight 155ish for the past 6 years makes me look like a serious lifter, especially because I'm a pretty good natural athlete with a few sports.

    I've been using N.O. Explode for a few years, and may switch to Jack3d if people recommend me below. I bought a bottle of Prime, and without working out a whole heck of a lot (I'll get to that), I've shot up from 155 to 168. I am hungrier, but I haven't been eating *that* much more. I don't feel any sort of power from it or anything, and was shocked to see how much I've gained. I've been using Super Cissus for my tendonitis at the same time, so maybe that adds to the effect.

    Anyway, for the past 5 years, I've been taking Avodart for my hairloss. Since then, I know it reduces DHT among other things, and DHT is vital for libido and whatever else. Lots of guys on Propecia and Avodart/Dutasteride have libido issues. I can pop a Viagra and its fine, but that's not helping me keep up with my girlfriend in terms of desire, and it's not something I want to let her know, as she's much younger and will think, well, if his libido is low now, how will it be in 10/20 years? Anyway, I've been taking arginine the last few days, but while that increases the load, I'm kind of doubting it's reported libido raising properties.

    Question is, I've seen this liquid stuff Sustain Alpha being mentioned, so I'm curious if that'll help. I'd rather do one of the Diesel Tests, because I've really gotten fatigued the last few months to the point where my motivation at the gym is really low. That could be low Test. because of the Avodart, but low testosterone because of aging in general. I eat well, I don't any red meat at all, just tuna fish from a can and healthy Sushi. I eat McAnn steel cut oats and a protein shake/banana for breakfast, so I can't really improve on my pre-workout meal (I think.) I think the Diesel Test would improve my strength when stacked with Prime (or just alone?) and the libido heightening properties are what I'm really looking to get from it. Is there something else I should be trying instead? The Sustain Alpha? Thanks so much.

  2. Oh, and which Diesel Test? I'm concerned about the DHEA (?) I think the new one has. Not sure if I should go with Hard Core or 2010

  3. Well im not an expert on test boosters but hopefully i can shed some light on the subject, basically what i took away from your post is that your looking to increase your sex drive aswell as your motivation or energy in the gym as well as gaining some strength. And from my experience on this forums test boosters sure can help, theres many promising test boosters out there today you mentioned two of the big ones Sustain Alpha and DTP both are very good products i have seen a lot of people use Sustain Alpha in PCT and absoulutely love it its a great test booster dramatically increases libido but im not sure to the extent of how much strength you can achieve from it.

    A few other test boosters are TestoPRO, Stoked, Activate Extreme all should give you the results you want. Theres also a new product by Anabolic Inovations called perform which would target the libido/sex drive aspect of it if you cant find a test booster that fits you.

    And as for training you may lose focus but its often just a plateau that you have to break through try changing up your workouts or doing something different give it a chance of pace make it interesting make a goal and try to reach that.

  4. Thanks, Jumpshot. So, to you or anyone else, if I'm just going for libido, perhaps Perform and Sustain Alpha? Sounds like that will give me some test, plus the libido. Or, would Diesel Test/Perform be better?

  5. Um, so I got my DTP and Perform. Popped the former, then realized that it said if you are taking medication for "...thyroid and prostate enlargement."

    I'm hypothyroid, taking Levoxyl, and take Avodart for my hair, which is really for Prostate enlargement. I mean, I wanted to take this so I could get a Testosterone Boost to help my libido. I take arginine and got Perform as well, but I don't think the latter will help with the low testosterone. I take Prime and Super Cissus, but neither have done anything for my low testosterone/libido. Any advice?

  6. Get a bottle of CEL formestane. Do some searches for TD formestane and you won't find ANYONE who doesn't respond to it. The libido enhancing effects are awesome... at the same time it has DHT blocking properties. No joke, I can tell I pee less at night because of the prostate friendly effects.

    On a complete tangent from you original question, let's take a look at your situation because self image is one of my favorite topics. You have a younger gf (and we're assuming she's hot) so you do have SOME clue with women. Now why would that change if you had thin hair or shaved your head?

    Anyone who is REALLY good with women knows that making her feel attracted to you has nothing to do with how attractive you are. Notice the semantics. If you get what I'm saying, you'll get off the dht blockers and bang 2 younger chics that are even hotter than this one.

    Edit: Whoa whoa, wait a sec? You take the Avodart for prostate and NOT for hairloss? Please excuse the self image hairline lecture then. Apologies my friend.


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