Animal Stak/Prime

  1. Animal Stak/Prime

    I'm gonna start a stack with nothing too dangerous, i'm trying to go all natural, I'd like to hear some opinions...

    1. Jack3d - Pre workout
    2. Prime - Natural Test
    3. Animal Stak - Natural Test
    4. Anabolic Pump - Carb suppressor (for cutting)
    5. Powerfull - For cutting/Energy
    6. Nitrotech - Pre workout protein
    7. Monster milk - Post workout Protein
    8. Isopure zero carb - Night time protein

    Is it pointless to stack Animal Stak and Prime at the same time or will that only improve my results?

    I'm 6'0'' 162 lbs. And i'm looking to get to 170 by the end of the cycle. I'm eating a **** load and I'm taking in 150g of protein just with the shakes. Let me know what you guys think.

  2. Prime is not a Test Booster, so it won't hurt to take that and Animal Stak at the same time. IMO there are better test boosters out there than Animal Stak though. TestoPro, Stoked, Diesel Test Hardcore/Pro Cycle, Sustain Alpha...just to name a few. You're also overpaying on the Nitrotech for pre-workout. Get some BCAA's or just eat a high protein whole food meal 1.5-2 hours before training. Be sure not to take your Jack3d too close to your pre-workout meal to diminish it's effects at all.

  3. pct needed? i dont really believe so since its all natural

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