Honest Swole V2 Review

  1. Honest Swole V2 Review

    With all of the recent posts about syntrax giving away free stuff for "good reviews" i am going to do an honest review of this product. I dont know why every1 is going crazy over this, because in all of the emails ive gotten not once has it said anything about giving a good review, only honest reviews. I have used this product in the past with really good results, while bulking, and i am currently going to be using this product while cutting, on UD 2.0, which if you have done before, you know how tough some of the workouts are. Anyways on to the review.

    First Impressions:

    Taste: Sweet tart punch flavor is really REALLY good, tastes like fruit punch. The 1st time i used Sv2 i had unflavored which tasted like acidic crap, this is much better, especially when your low carbing, it tastes like your cheating.

    Mixability: Mixes much better then the first time I used it. The first time, i had to stir it a bit, and there was sand textured stuff left at the bottom, this almost completely dissovled without stirring.

    The other supps i am going to be using (and if you think any will interfear with the review please say so)
    AF NYC on no carb days
    Vit C, Vit E
    Sessathin 3g a day
    fish oil 3g a day
    1 serving of leptigen basic before bed
    1 pill of magnesium before bed
    absolved 4squirts 2x daily
    fl7 4 squirts 2xdaily and 8 squirts 2x daily on carbup days

    Im going to workout in an hour and will report back soon, im open to any suggestions on how to make this review any better.

  2. Just finished my workout heres how it went:

    Ab crunches at the steepest (sp?) decline

    35x6 (havent been able to that since i was bulking, so i was glad)

    hanging leg raises

    30x8 (new record, but to be honest ive never attempted to go that high, but it did seem easy)

    Next i did straight leg- leg raises (dont know the exact name of this) but this is the first time ive ever tried this and i did
    and 15 weightless

    Then i moved on to a little bit of arms

    Bi curls
    70x10 (This has dropped 10lbs since i started to cut but im surprised i was able to get this much since i did a full body workout on saturday

    Close grip bench
    100x10 (New PR in reps on this)
    Bench is my worst by far, everyone who i work out with has a higher Bench then me, but i outlift them by far on everything else so that makes up for it

    Tricep pushdown
    110x8 Nothing special about this

    *During the workout i noticed a decent pump a little more then usual but not as much as i did last time, but its only day 1 so i was pleased

    *I looked a little "fuller" post workout but ive been carbing up so im not sure if swole contributed

    *I will post my nutrition tommorow since i recieved this package mid day today

    * I took 2 servings 1hr preworkout , from now on im doing 1 in the morning 1 at night

    *Im not going to be posting my weight because on UD 2.0 my weight can vary 10lbs throughout the week so this would be irrelevant, and plus my damn scale is busted.

    Going to be doing cardio tommorow, ill report on how that goes.

  3. Today I did cardio
    15mins on bike, I went up 1 level on the bike today, and it seemed just as easy, i did 5mins on the elyptical(sp?) machine, then 10 mins on the treadmill. I noticed i had a little more endurance then ussual, and had increased vascularity during the day today. Tommorow I do day 1 of the infamous depletion workouts so this will be a good test for Sv2.

    Another thing i noticed which ive never noticed before was a pumped-tightness feeling from cardio in my legs.

  4. Thanks for the review, lostlbs. Good luck.

    As a side comment (yes, I have to get in my two cents worth), I have used Swole V.2 and no one gave it to me. (I am not even sure I got a good price.) Anyway, I believe it is a very good product that gives me results at least as good as my previous creatine favorite, MethoxyFactor HP (that is no longer available and I did not get for free either).

  5. Here is my long overdue update from last wednesday till today, ive been very busy so heres the update:

    did day of 1 the depletion workouts.

    *There was a noticeable decrease in fatigue from previous depletions
    *All my upperbody weights stayed the same (Which seems to be decreasing weekly )
    *My leg curls went up, which surprises me because i did cardio yesterday.
    *Noticed a pump in my chest, but only lasted inside the gym (but its only day 3)

    Tommorow ill see how sore i am and if swole is making a difference, and ill be doing day 2 of the depletion workouts.

    Day 2 of depletions

    Strength about the same as always, but i was able to blast through my workout, i finished my depletion workout in a PR time of 1hr 5mins!!!

    Friday: I was not sore at all today which means this product is definately working, because today im ussually very sore.

    Today I also did my pre carbup workout a day earlier (to keep my schedule better for me from now on)

    It was a hell of a workout today, my strength was the same as when i started dieting

    I took sat + sunday off to rest

    Tonight i did abs + cardio

    I had my 1st increase on anything since starting ud 2.0 tonite!!!

    abs @ steepest incline 45x9 (+2reps then normal) 40x9(+1rep more then normal) 35x11(+1 rep more then normal), then i went on and did some leg raises, then 15mins of elyptical and 10mins of bike, all in all a very good workout.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by lostlbs
    Taste: Sweet tart punch flavor is really REALLY good, tastes like fruit punch.
    i agree - it actually smells like sweet tarts - and tastes just as good - but if you like the punch, try the orange - it tastes like TANG! hard to beat a supplement that tastes that good!

  7. Heres an update:

    I took last week off from ud 2.0, and i did my normal routine, and my lifts were about the same - 1,2 reps here or there which is a releif after 6-7 weeks of cutting so far. Sunday night i did abs and i gained weight or reps on every set. Since starting swole my ab crunch has gone from 45x6 to 50x8 in 3 weeks which is awesome considering i was at a plateu at this while bulking. My depletion workouts have been great the last two days. My bench is up 5lbs on dumbells, and all other exercises are noticeably easier. The best thing about sv2 during the depletion workouts is i fatigue much less. By the end of the 2nd day of depletion im doing a little more then half of what i started in most exercises, now im maybe doing 5-10lbs less on most things which is great because i dont feel like someone trying to "get toned" by doing low weights alot of times . Tommorow is cardio then friday is pre carbup workout, ill try to update this weekend.


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