why dont no products work for me

  1. why dont no products work for me

    i first took no shotgun, it worked fine for bout three weeks, i switch to jacked bout two months later, i took two scoops and nothing, i took three scoops and nothing, so i returned it, i bought some gaspari supperpump, took three scoops ad nothing, and ideas or thoughts on this matter

  2. caffeine intake is too high
    not enough water
    you're a smoker

    which of the 3 applies best to you?

  3. i don't smoke, i drink water all day, more than a gallon a day, i dont drink soda, or even carbonated beverages, but i have noticed since i started taking creatine, gaspari sizeon, my mouth is dry as hell when i working out, but my water intake hasnt changed, if anything i drinking more water, at work we have 16oz cups, i will down two to three in an hour, and i work 8 hour shifts

  4. no shotgun applies best

  5. hrm. no idea then. i remember being a smoker and it affecting my pumps, and i remember that too much caffeine did the same thing for me.

    hopefully someone else knows what's going on here.

  6. i do notice that i get pumps throughout the day,its weird, i could just be there at work, i would lift something and get pumps in my arms, or say for instance i use to get those weird tingling feelings when i took no shotgun, i get them in my chest sometimes and i dont take no shotgun anymore


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