Collegiate Sprinter

  1. Collegiate Sprinter

    [B][B]Hey, I am currently a freshman and run track collegiately (D3). I am 5'9 165, 19 years old, most likely done growing. My times are as follows:

    100m: 10.7
    200m: 21.8
    400m: 48.1

    I lift heavy 5 days a week and do some sort of running 5-6 days a week. Recently I have taken Katalyst Vasocore Pre-Workout, Vitasport Kre-Alkalyn and Vitasport NO.

    I was looking into other supplements to start taking because I am out of my old stack and really want to improve my times. I know the supplements alone will not do anything, I have world class motivation to get faster. Would a stack like this be beneficial?

    Man BluePrint: morning
    Athletic Edge Nutrition IntrAbolic: Intra-workout
    Muscle Pharm Recon: Post recovery

    I was also informed that Millennium Sport Cordygen5, would be very helpful as well.

    If you guys want more information, please ask. Thankss

  2. cordgygen is good stuff. maybe give GPLC a try...?

  3. hill training! i used to run college track and this shaves times off tremendously! also since ur coaches prolly have u do short to mid distance try trainning with the long distance runners at least once a week this will shock ur muscles and decrease the lactate build up which will increase top speed and/or acceleration

  4. Yeahh 3 times a week I hit hill repeats hard...

    As for the supplement list, does that look like a lean strength stack that will help me in track??

  5. Not too familiar with those supps man. Sorry i cant help, but nice times man! keep it up!



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