Help with Acne and Back Acne

  1. Help with Acne and Back Acne

    Hey guys. When I juice, I tend to get back acne and slight acne on my face.

    Now that Im off cycle, my face acne has cleared up nicely. But my back acne seems to stick around and doesn't want to leave.

    It bothers me because when my shirt is off, it seems to be a give away that Ive taken Anabolics.

    Ive used some a dermatologist prescribed cream and it doesnt seem to do too much. And I want to avoid accutane and tetracyclin.

    Does anybody have any tricks or insights on dealing with this problem? What works for you?

  2. I to have back acne but never juiced. Try coconut oil and high dose vitb5 for some weeks , it should help you. Good luck!

  3. Take a good multi-vit with a decent dose of Pantothenic acid in it. Millenium's MVP has taken care of my 18yr old sons acne issues.
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  4. Start tanning. It will dry your skin up and you'll stop breaking out.

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