NP discount

  1. Exclamation NP discount

    are there any active discounts going on?

  2. i think free shipping on orders over $75 but thats it, try primodial performances, find a rep and ask ik they have deals alot other wise i would be a poor ass guy lol.

  3. 3off100




  4. at np the prices are always a steal...

  5. thanks guys. i already spent enough at primodial performances site, cant wait to try it. correct NP prices are a steal, but i was buying it for a buddies b-day so i didnt want to spend to much especialy with a baby on the way.

  6. Where in SWFL are you?

  7. fort myers

  8. I'm in Naples.

  9. oh **** son, thats pretty close. what gym do you go to? i work out on sanibel and i live in san carlos so im always commuting between ere and there or somtimes over to coastland mall where my wifes step dad works.


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