Help me gain 25lbs...Need your advice

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  1. Help me gain 25lbs...Need your advice

    I am looking for some help and advice on how to achieve my goals.

    Age: 20
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 165 lbs

    Age: 20
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 185-190 lbs

    I primarily follow strength/power lifting routine routine. I focus on the big compound lifts (bench, squat, dead lift, military, chins, rows) along with some strongman lifts. I train with heavy weight with low reps (3-6).

    My diet consists of eating as much as I can and as clean as I can. Meats, milk, rice, eggs, oats, peanut butter, ect are things I consume daily. I usually eat every 2-3 hours and consume water through out the day.

    I get plenty of rest (at least 6 hours of sleep per night) and train consistently (3-4 days per week).

    The only supplements I take are whey protein and a multivitamin. I am hoping to get some recommendations on what I can take to help me achieve my goals.

    I am doing my best to follow all the right things, but I believe genetically I do not build muscle easily. I have always been a skinnier kid growing up and it wasn't until my junior year in high school when I began to put on some muscle. I feel I need something hardcore to kick things into gear. I NEED to gain 25lbs over the next 6-7 months for next years hockey season. I play collegiate hockey at a high level and need to gain this size/weight in order to compete at a higher level.

    What do you suggest I look into? I have a source to get oral anabolics and pro hormones and I looked into it. I feel like I tried everything and need something hardcore to get this size/weight on my frame. I need some help here.

    Thanks for your time!

  2. Hey man I would definatly look into Superdrone from Primordial Performances, make sure to use Liver Juice by them also if your gonna cycle it for more than 2 weeks. It is some strong stuff. The LV technology really increases the absorbation rate. Also look into the testosterone recovery stack by primordial also, for a pct, it will work wonders trust me!!

  3. To gain weight that quick your going to have to stuff your self until you feel sick. To gain weight at a good pace you need to calculate your daily calories then add 1000 to it.

  4. I'm going to point you to a few places that I've used here:

    The No BS guide to caloric intake, dieting, and bulking (yes long)

    Based on those two threads I was able to come up with a spreadsheet in google docs where I enter weight/height/age the coefficient from the caloric-intake post (I use 1.3 because I sit on my ass all day).

    This gives the baseline calories to maintain your current weight, then you add 700 to bulk or take 500 to cut (basically). Of course your weight changes, so be sure to recalculate as necessary.

    Since joining AM and learning, I've gone from 150 to ~180, and only when logging food and workouts (about 2 years time). For me, time not logging was wasted time, no gains during that time.

    There is one magic pill, called time. The longer you take it, the better you'll get.
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  5. I'd be cautious of what supplementation you choose due to NCAA regulations... Plus, I definitely wouldn't suggest jumping on ph's or oral anabolics this early in the game (especially NOT a Superdrol clone for your first ph).

  6. get a nutritionist and a good trainer. they will be able to help you gain quality weight without any sides or risk of failing an NCAA drug test.

  7. I'm not too worried about NCAA regulations. I don't play in the NCAA, but rather in the CIS league in Canada where testing isn't as near the level of NCAA testing.

    I understand caloric intake, but never sat down and counted nutrients and such. I just follow the basic wisdom of eating 6-8 smaller meals per day, which equals about every 2-3 hours.

  8. Natural: stack Prime + creatine + TestoPRO and eat your butt off and train even HARDER
    This stack is amazing i promise.

    PH: Epistane or Havoc with cycle assist
    PCT: Sustain Alpha + Prime(so u keep gaining) + TestoPRO or most any other test booster. with cycle assist

    there is my 2 cents. i know ppl may flame me for giving advice on PH cause your not 21, but IMO, you ask a question ima give you an answer. your gonna do what u want, im just here to keep you safe and u dont mess your body up
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  9. Age aside, jumping from whey and multivitamins to Epistane, or any PH in general, is a huge step...

    I'd add N.O. and Creatine to start then, as R1balla suggested, implement a natty test booster, etc.

  10. the perfect stack to add 10-15 lbs in 6 weeks man. and best ph to start out with. also everything is covered including liver support and pct

  11. Got some very good advice that is proven to put lots of weight on you.....wait for it.....FOOD. Eat more of it and lots of it. And time it right. Use the links that rbuecker gave you.

    Only supp I would suggest to you as it looks like your new to this, I'd recommend some creatine mono(tried and proven) and a nutrient partitioner, for example, Glycobol.

    Good luck bro.

  12. And I don't see why you are all recommending him PH's....Besides the obvious reasons, he is only 20.

  13. Shame on those that suggested drugs (ph's), I have nothing against someone who uses them after they have exhausted other avenues but don't recommend it to someone who hasn't sorted things out yet.

    Your goals are attainable for a newb lifter, even with next to no supplementation. The hardest thing is to be able to attain the knowledge you need to get it done. Read about diet, get ready to eat a lot and stay consistant. Learn to periodize your training "Everything works just not for very long". That's the key diet and training. I like your attitude you seem to have some of the right ideas just get organized, fine tune as you go, plan ahead, keep making adjustments. Know thyself, find out what you need to do to get where your going.

    Step 2. once you have become more knowlegable, and you better start now as your going to have to learn fast, then you can look into supplementation. You should already be taking the basics, Protein, vitamins maybe some aminos. While you are learning, read up on herbal supplementation. Try some things out see what your respond to. Now that your know your own body better you will be able to discern this much better.

    One last thing, be patient!! 10-15 lbs on a frame like yours will look good, provided it's good quality. Take joy the the small things, the little changes.

    Once you have done all this, if you still feel the need to use drugs then that's your decision, all I can say is I am glad I did not choose that route.
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  14. Kid, you gotta eat...your best friend and supplement right now is food. When I was twenty, I was 5'11 and weighed exactly what you do. I didn't understand the importance of "eating big to get big." You obviously have a pretty high metabolism. Don't be so concerned with eating clean. Just eat. Pizza, hamburgers, etc. in addition to steak, peanut butter, milk, pasta, oatmeal. You have to create a calorie surplus to grow. Eat until you think if you take one more bit you will puke...wait about five minutes and then stuff some more in. This is what it takes. It is not fun, it is not comfortable, and you will feel like a tick on a dog's rear end most days. If you eat like this for six months, i guarantee you will be close to your goal weight. If you want to spend money on supplements, get some glutamine peptides and bcaas to aid in your revovery. Don't worry about pre-workout-NO-pumps-that-will-blow-your-mind stuff. Eat big, lift heavy, and sleep. In that order.

  15. Going into my senior year in high school I followed Rippetoe's Starting Strength routine for approx 6 months. I made tremendous gains in all lifts. I gained approx 25lbs then (went from 135lbs to 160lbs). In my mind "newbie" gains are done with. Every since then, gains have been slow and not as noticeable.

  16. i went from 175lb to 255lb in 11 months, strength went through the roof... Pictures depict before, midway and end of bulk the cut is now under way.. Would be glad to help, check out my link

    175lb to 255 in 11months

  17. Quote Originally Posted by edwitt View Post
    i went from 175lb to 255lb in 11 months, strength went through the roof... Pictures depict before, midway and end of bulk the cut is now under way.. Would be glad to help, check out my link

    175lb to 255 in 11months
    Hey you know this is a 20 year old your talking to, you say in your log you were using a very strong PH... are you suggesting he do the same.. come on now lets have some more responsibility than that. You don't have to use these types of products to gain major mass.
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  18. Quote Originally Posted by DreamWeaver View Post
    Hey you know this is a 20 year old your talking to, you say in your log you were using a very strong PH... are you suggesting he do the same.. come on now lets have some more responsibility than that. You don't have to use these types of products to gain major mass.
    Nutrition is still the key... I ate every 2 hours

  19. Quote Originally Posted by edwitt View Post
    Nutrition is still the key... I ate every 2 hours
    Ah yah your preacking to the chior here, I have put on 50-60 lbs on people (football players) in a year with next to no supplementation at all just protein powder and diet. That's what I am trying to get across to him. Too many young guys out there think drugs are the easy way out. They are simply unecessary, especially at that age.

    Yah if your a hard gainer frequent eating is a real key element. I still think you can eat mostly clean though and get good gains. Problem is if you bulk too fast your just going to end up having to lose a lot of fat to get lean again and guess what happens... yah hard gainers are easy losers, there goes a lot of your mass. Getting big is one thing, getting big and lean is another.
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  20. I fully agree with DreamWeaver.....
    "Diet was key while I took this [PH]"
    You are stating what happened when you ate right but combined with a PH, we are giving advice in this thread on gaining weight without a PH.
    Now I'd assume you weren't on a PH the whole time, so if you have advice on what helped you gain while you were natty then that would be helpful for him.

  21. The reason I want to get to 190-195 lbs is because when the season starts in late August, I am on the ice almost everyday. Cardio goes way up and I burn more calories than usual. During the season I usually lose 5-10 lbs due to all the cardio. I want to come into the season weighing 190-195 lbs so when the season gets going I stay stay a consistent 180-185 lbs. Having that extra weight on me while on the ice will do wonders in terms of my performance.

    I realize caloric intake is #1, but training is also very important. Because my goals are high I need to use all the resources I have available to me. If I do chose to go on a steroid or pro hormone I will be smart about it and research the snot out of it. I will learn the correct and safe way to go about using it.

    That being said I have a few in mind that I would like to get all of your opinions on:

    Option 1: Beastdrol (30mg/30mg/30mg/30mg) and Liver Juice for 4 weeks

    Option 2: Superdrone LV (10mg/20mg/20mg) and Liver Juice for 3 weeks

    Option 3 (not as hard core): USP Labs Prime, Diesel TestPro, with some sort of creatine (monohydrate, CEE, KreAklyn)

  22. In one ear and out the other...

    Really, Superdrol clones for your very first PH cycle? Mentally, I don't see how you can justify going from whey and multivitamins to steroids.

    Honestly, you have seven months to gain 25 pounds. Do you really believe you are incapable of gaining 3 lbs/month off natural supplementation and caloric intake?

  23. In addition to the great advice already given regarding eating, and training I would supplement Glutamine 10-15 gm daily split up in 5gm doses. Fish oil 3 times daily. I would take in a protein like NITRO CORE 10 50 gm prior to bed, with fish oil cap, and 2 tbsp peanut butter. You could take a natty test booster, but I would not do prohormones. You are too young and in danger of drug testing.

  24. I second all the "eating is the best way" stuff. Learn to love tuna, great source of Omega fatty acids and protein.

  25. Ok Tuna is good, but not enough calories to bulk on. I would use it along with Whole grain bread, cheese, and mayo. You need fat to gain more testosterone. You could also do a little cardio HIIT. will help you gain muscle. Beta alanine is a must too. Cardio will increase your apetite, and keep your calories being used for muscle. Good luck


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