Methadastrol/PCT ArimeDexin Good/ Bad

  1. Cool Methadastrol/PCT ArimeDexin Good/ Bad

    I am going to start on a cycle of Metha.... by perfomance anabolics, but I was wondering, if I need to PCT? The product states that there is no estrogen conversion. I was thinking of doing a PCT of ArimeDexin by performance anabolicis? Would it hurt me to do this the last week of my cycle and continue?
    I am also going to do a Natural test booster mid cycle. I just want to make sure if a PCT will hurt my hormone levels if I dont need one.

  2. This is a superdrol clone, so yes PCT is a MUST. You will definitely need more than ArimeDexin which is ATD and low-dosed epi. You need a SERM such as clomid or nolva.

    Do you realize this is a potent and harsh oral steroid? what is your age? How long have you been training? At 5-8 and 144 lbs you need food. Check your diet and training in check and you will see some gains.
    -OMEGA RecoverBro-
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  3. Sound me out if I've got this wrong.

    Havoc got banned... Superdrol didn't ...

    One can cause shutdown, the other can cause shutdown - of the liver. Well who the hell needs a liver.

    Did the FDA just pick up the wrong lottery ticket or was it just "group think" ...

    FBI being classic "group think" - yeah lets invade Cuba with no army. Excellent idea. Hey, hell the Cuban's won.

    FDA - lets ban prohormones. Okay but we'll keep the most dangerous. Excellent idea. Hey, hell these guys have got no liver left.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by matthias7 View Post
    Sound me out if I've got this wrong.

    Havoc got banned... Superdrol didn't ...
    SD nor epi have been banned. The only ph's banned were Bold and Tren. Most companies have decided to stop production of Ph's.
    -OMEGA RecoverBro-
    When an omega male is born it's game over

  5. would never suggest epi for pct, but on a side note the few blogs I found where people used it actually had great results and rebound,might be because dose is low 5mg I think, just enough to keep estro at bay, from my understanding epi isn't suppressive at low doses and initially stimulates lh which would bring test levels back up, but would only opt as a last resort if a serm is totally unavailable, or you feel like being a guinie pig.



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