About The Controlled labs Stack

  1. About The Controlled labs Stack

    I tried White Flood pre-workout, Purple Wraath during and Green Mag post just for something different. I happen to have some left over NO Xplode.

    I'm just wondering if taking the NO instead of White Flood when it runs out is a problem. I think I'm gonna stick with the Green Mag but ditch the Wraath when I'm out. What do you think?

    Also, White Flood was pretty damn great. Should I even try Jack3d, or just leave well enough alone?

    Finally, I think White Flood and Green Mag is going to be something I go to for a while. Did anyone run an CL stack and then find a better alternative? just curious...

  2. Its fine to do what you are doing, try different stuff and see what best hits you, everyone responds differently to different combos. Cbol plus Gear and RPM along beta-alanine have been nothing short of incredible for me.
    doing my own thang!

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