REALLY WIERD QUESTION on sublingual tablets

  1. REALLY WIERD QUESTION on sublingual tablets

    Ok So I have some t-911 and ive never done a sub tab like these before.. ok so you obvliosusly place them under your tongue. it says to not swallow until completely dissolved.. now is that your spit that aquires they dont want you to swallow or just the tab until its completly gone. cuz u get mad spit on those liitle suckers lmao. like i said its a dumbass wierd q but i needa answer and id appreciate any feed back. i dont know if this is right or wrong but i assume you can swallow your saliva just keep tab under your tongue until its all gone. thats what i think but could be wrong any info and advice would be much appreciated guys...
    keep on fighting the iron!

  2. yes... u take it like a man and swallow it all lol sorry funny question bro but yea

  3. no. you salivate out of control like Hooch. it adds to the effect that you're an insane ALPHA MALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. haha it may be a ****ing gay question but id rather get an answer and look like an idiot rather than act like a know it all and get noting FTW

  5. ok ok, since nobody is giving u helpful answers, lemme try.

    There is, in a sense, a direct path to your bloodstream under ur tongue. It's called the sublingual duct or something like that. Stuff will then go straight into ur blood instead of through ur digestive tract (stomac, small intestines, etc).

    So, you would want to avoid swallowing ur saliva, and instead hope that the stuff dissolved into ur saliva goes into ur subligual duct.

    Of course if u produce too much saliva, i guess it is better to swallow it than to spit it out, haha



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