Diesel Test Hardcore + Anadraulic State Stack!

  1. Question Diesel Test Hardcore + Anadraulic State Stack!

    Looking to run this stack next Month, any input?

    PS- probably gonna Take some IGF-2 during time too.

  2. Wow no one Huh....

  3. I've been on DTHC by itself for about 2 weeks doing 1 tab morning, 1 afternoon/2 preworkout, 1 night. I really can't see a big difference in libido (don't really need it). But strength is going up. Also worth noting I'm doing my own preworkout blend made from bulk stuff from nutraplanet. Plan on doing Activate Xtreme + Prime later or maybe finally dip into the prohormone game.

  4. Yeah i've been on DTHC for about 2 1/2weeks, and i feel it in both the Gym and Bedroom lol, and i didn't think i needed but i def have noticed an increase in aggresiveness. ( i take 2 3xs a day, 6 days a week).

    Just was curious if during my second month of DTHC, i decide to take Anadraulic State preworkout with DTHC, if it be too much testbooster @ 25yrs old. or would it be a just a waste of $. if so i would get a different Preworkout

  5. Yeah I'm 21 and it's kickin' pretty good for me. I think I'm going to do Prime or Activate Xtreme next. I think it's a good idea to switch up preworkouts if you don't make your own.



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