Pre-workout that is safe for SSRI (antidepressant) or Anxiety med users?

  1. Pre-workout that is safe for SSRI (antidepressant) or Anxiety med users?

    I notice that alot of preworkout supps mention not to use a certain preworkout while taking an SSRI, or have anxiety, or some mention MAO's...

    Just curious if there is anyone on there that has found something they are able to use while on any of those meds, or have any of those conditions? I am only using protein at the moment, but would like to maybe find a PWO for before lifting.

    Is it just due to the caffeine in alot of PWO's? or is there more to it? Any help would be appreciated.....thanks

  2. well, there's at least two issues here:

    1. Stims tend to cause anxiety in those already prone to anxiety.

    2. We have no idea how you as an individual and your med respond to any particular stim.

    So it would be severly irresponsible for anyone to start telling you to try this or that. You're on your own on this one, same as I was, as I'm on meds, too. If you feel confident in experimenting, well that's on you. I, personally, have set off some near manic episodes with too many stims mixed together, so be very careful if you go that route. good luck either way.
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  3. Pre Max by Primordial Performance. Stimulant free, so if you want, you can add them later if desired. Give this one a try and you'll be hooked.

  4. i have anxiety and used to have depression... i am only telling you how it was for me and i am not giving advice. i am on effexor currently and i am able to take stimukated things.. but that is how i have always been since before my anxeity caffine never bothered me so, only you know you,

    best advice i can give you brother.... Eat a nice array of complex carbs leafy greens, fruits and protein pre-workout like an hr before and if it makes you feel better get a stim free p/o but i promise ull get just as good of a pump eating an hr before, good quality carbs etc, then you would just trying a p/o

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