Weakest to Strongest??

  1. Weakest to Strongest??

    Hey guys, I have been working out for almost 25yrs now, have used Steroids in the past, none in 15yrs. I recently got interested in prohomones due to the FDA bans and such on products that really work. At age 35 I have aches and pains due to lifing heavy and cant recover like the good old days. I am currently suffering through it all and it sucks... I just want to feel good and grow slowly...

    I have read alot on the net about 1ad, halotest, hemadrol, methyl e, 1,4ad, etc. most info was from 2006-2007ish some more recent. Just wondering which are weakest to strongest. I grabbed a bunch over the past 2 weeks. RIGHT BEFORE they were pulled off the market some the DAY before...thank God

    5, andro rx 1ad.
    3, Stanzadrol.. 1,4ad and halotest stacked
    8 hemadrol, halodrol-50/turnibol clone pro steroid.
    3 halotest-25 "same stuff?/" almost??
    3 methel E episitne, sounds good....

    I got this all for the next couple of years I figured since I wont be able to buy when I want it in the future.

    I want to start with weakest and work my way to stronger PH's. Was thinking about 8-10 weeks of the 1AD followed by 6 weeks PCT trione-6 or clomid or 1000-2000mg tribulis t etc??

    I am 6' 207lbs right now, decently lean and want to add 10lbs muscle and lose 10lbs fat and STAY that way...for this coming summer. I have had just about every body type in the past, BIG...to fat...to lean...to ripped I know what usually works for me, just looking for some advice from experienced users of these products. THANKS..

  2. you'll get a better response in the steroid forum, where this stuff belongs. Good luck. (ask a mod to move the thread...)
    The Truth is, there is no Truth.

  3. ok thanks, how do I do that?? lol new here...

  4. Eh, just copy and paste your post to a new thread in the Steroid forum, this one will get locked once a mod notices it. No biggie.
    The Truth is, there is no Truth.

  5. did it thanks

  6. Tunedsports has some charts that rate ph from weak to strong...check it out.


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