trying to figure out the best times to take lean fx

  1. trying to figure out the best times to take lean fx

    Bottle says three times a day. Obviously upon rising which is 530 for me. Next i heard its good to take after working out which would be about 330. When should I take the third dose? thanks guys and gals.

  2. I know lean xtreme recommends dosing upon waking and 4 hours later, both on empty stomach. The formula is not the same, but cortisol is highest in the morning so you would want the benefits when it matters most.

    You could do upon rising/4 hours later (9:30?)/3:30.

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong :P

  3. I was thinking that but didn't know if that would b 3 doses too close together but I was thinking that at first

  4. Yeah I read around to make sure and what I told you seems solid. The most important doses are upon rising, 4 hours later, and post workout like you said. Since none of them overlap (you get up damn early!), you should be good.

    Hope you're getting enough rest at night, though

  5. Definitely upon rising, 4 hrs later and post workout. And 3:30pm works for that schedule great. Also, to note is for off days I would take it upon rising, 4 hrs later, and before bed. Cortisol levels rise the most after strenuous exercise and during sleep.. with when you wake up it being the highest. So, taking before bed should help keep it down over the night.
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