Creatine: Pill or Powder?

  1. Question Creatine: Pill or Powder?

    which is better, and is there a difference between the two? Looking to purchase some good quality Creatine but not sure which route to go, the pill or powder? Any suggestions or recommendations on this one?

  2. powder, it supposedly absorbs better.

  3. Powder does absorb better, but I think it's generally a preference. It's generally the same thing. I prefer pills because I don't like mixing, takes too long.

  4. Thanks guys, appreciate you's for taking the time to answer my question. This is the main reason why i feel this forum "ROCKS" cause of the feedback and the honesty you get here. By far has to be the Best Forum out there.

  5. It is really all about preference. If you have the time to sit down and drink a powder, go for it. If not, swallow some pills really quick and get at it.
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  6. Pills are good for trips. Powder for home.

  7. They both work, choose what is most convenient for you.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by SOUTHCAR27 View Post
    They both work, choose what is most convenient for you.
    ^^^This. I prefere pills personally, someothers prefere powder. Just depends on what you want. They both work
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    Powders, in general, tend to be more cost effective. Capsules tend to be more "convenient". Then again, convenience is like beauty: in the eye of the beholder lol.

    All comes down to preference in the end. I apologize for echoing the others in their comments.


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