Best substance to rid existing gyno?

  1. Best substance to rid existing gyno?

    I have multiple knots and lumps under and around my nipple and was wondering if any OTC substances could help me here. I've contemplated 6-bromo but wasn't sure if that would help or not. Is there something I am missing besides vitex, b6, retain, atd, etc. that could help with this? caber?

  2. And i've tried nolva and letro, as well as prami. Someone has to have something to say.....


  3. letro followed by nolva. i don't know the exact dosing off the top of my head though on the letro but it works great and it can reverse gyno as seen in many scientific studies.

  4. I tried letro and nolva

  5. the best thing is gonna be a Dr. then if ya have tried everything else, one of my daughters friends just had it done.

  6. Letro isn't going to make it go away, it's overated. It may make the inflammation and pain go away and halt the growth of the tissue, but once you have it nothing short of surgery is going to get rid of it.

    The Nolva/Letro protocol will stop gyno in it's tracks but once you have it you just have to deal with it. When people talk about the protocol removing their gyno, they are simply removing the inflammation. Once the inflammation is gone, you might not even notice the tissue at all or it might feel like you have a wad of bubble gum behind/around your nipple depending on the severity and how much time elapsed from the start of symptoms and treatment.


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