Pending Ban

  1. Pending Ban

    If you live in the USA then this should concern you.
    I think it would be in your best interest to write/fax and/or call your elected officials. These pending matters do not only effect the supplement industry but it also would institute harsher penalties on AAS.

    In addition, this could lead to future legislation in the supplement industry.****4&mp=11

  2. Print your letters, you can't be helped much more than that!! This site does it all for you, all you have to do is mail or fax them, that's it!!

  3. something appears to be messed up on the site - it does not give the appropriate representitives.....

  4. I believe it is giving the Reps who are heading the bills.

    This should at least give you the address or a fax number:

    Copy the letter from the above link and just send the letter.

  5. that's odd, it gave me the correct reps as well as the two reps of the bill

  6. How do you know if its the correct reps? I am in NJ and it is talking about a rep from NY and Nebraska?

    I feel like an idiot at this point, but am I missing something? It says I am a voter in your district..I am not in that district obviously, so I am guessing that they are not the people I want to send to?

  7. .........

  8. From designer supps:
    Here's an easy way to FIGHT THE BAN and it will take less than five
    minutes to do this:

    Follow this link, enter your name address, etc. and it will complete a
    fax letter that you can send FOR FREE ONLINE in less that 2 minutes....****4&mp=11

    After the form is filled out, open this link in a new browser and copy
    and past the body of the letter in here...fill out subject, phone
    number, etc...

    just make sure the phone number(s) format is as follows

    1 234 567 8901 (make sure you include the 1, no dashes, or

    You can send to more than one phone number at a time, just separate the
    numbers with a comm "," or a semi-colon ";", and make sure you change
    the heading to say

    Dear Representatives A / B

    So add the "s" on representative and then change A (whoever that is) to
    A/B, so that you can address both more quickly!!

    Even a delay by 2-3 months would help.


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