M-Drol/Tren Xtreme/Stano-drol/plasma Jet/ and cycle assist

  1. M-Drol/Tren Xtreme/Stano-drol/plasma Jet/ and cycle assist

    i've been stacking m-drol, tren-xtreme, stano-drol, plasma jet, takin cycle assist and liver detoxifier and regenerator with no side effects and gaining about 2 and a half pounds a day with little to no water retention. for the more experienced guys i recomend tryin it out. its really helping me get over that plateau

  2. Better to post this in the Anabolics section . . . but the people who frequent those boards already know this. This is a supplement section, no PH discussion.

    That's a pretty obvious statement, of course a steroid stack will get you over plateaus. To get over a plateau I would first recommend a test booster stacked with a insulin mimicker: TestoPro, Drive, T911 and Glycobol, PSlin, AP, SLin. A steroid cycle should put on some serious mass, Dont use them for plateaus. I used the Pslin Mass Monster mixture and I had some great workouts and growth.

    1. Do you have a solid PCT set up?
    If you dont follow through with a solid PCT plan with a SERM you will have wasted your time.

    2. What are your dosages of M-drol and tren?
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  3. yeah i have a pretty solid pct, i've experimented with alot a different ones, but found one that worked for a previous cycle i did that was very similar.i'm gonna be taking Androstenetrione, biosterol, AX advanced PCT, milk thistle and NOW liver detoxifier and regenerator.

    i just started my second week of the m-drol and X-Tren, so i'm only doing 2 capsules a day, but starting next week i go up to 3 and stay there until my last week. i'm running a 6 week cycle.
    but with all my gains, i dont take any protein supplements. i just stick to a high protein diet. i've found that i retain less water, and achieve more lean mass and maintain that bulk after i get off the cycle.

    but thanks for the heads up on the section. new to the forum, still learning my way around.

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