1. ActX/Prime

    What would be the best way to run these two through out a PCT?

    I was thinking run one for two weeks then start the other in week three.

    Prime 1-4
    ActX 3-6

    What do u guys think?


  2. Quote Originally Posted by Bnatural View Post
    I would wait until 4 weeks into your pct before using act. xtr. I see no issue with starting prime during the 1st week of your pct.

    act xtr creates the potential for delayed gyno with how it effects/affects your t levels
    Are you saying it has this potential after a PH/steroidal cycle or if you were to run AX solo? I thought that is why they included the I-3-C in the ingredients to help metabolize estrogen.

    Do I have this correct?
    Divanil-->binds to SHBG-->SHBG also binds estrogen.
    With the decrease in SHBG more estrogen is circulating as well, which can cause problems. But I-3-C was included to help prevent any problems.

    Is this maybe a supplement that should be tapered down at the end? Or used with an AI (not something I really want to do)?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Bnatural View Post
    it does help with estrogen, but estrogen has multiple pathways.

    If you've had gyno related issues, don't use in pct. If used in a non hormonal run, I would ramp up the dose as you progress.
    Got you PM Bnatural. Thanks. I've had no gyno issues in the past. Haven't ran anything hormonal in about 7 years or so. Unfortunately that was 1-AD back in the day with no PCT (yeah, young and dumb...not enough research). I'll give the taper up method a try.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Bnatural View Post
    sounds good, report the findings if you could...
    repped for giving good advice.

  5. After your cycle you should not have a lot of free test anyway so like stated the ActX for end of PCT. The Prime takes a few weeks to really get saturated in your system and start showing results so begin that at the start of PCT. By 4 weeks when you add the ActX things should really start happening. I love this stack myself!!
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  6. Really want to get in on this deal. How would it be run if not being used for PCT?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by WeakPoint View Post
    Really want to get in on this deal. How would it be run if not being used for PCT?
    6/9 dosing Prime 4 ed Activate..
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by DreamWeaver View Post
    6/9 dosing Prime 4 ed Activate..
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