Good OTC diuretic?

  1. Good OTC diuretic?

    I guess this would be the best place to ask. Anyone have any suggestions?

  2. dandelion root(i hope that is spelled correct)

  3. has been asked repeatedly....dandelion root is good. Some use taraxatone also

  4. Taraxatone is a little stronger IMO but both work well

  5. When taraxatone first came out it was potent and it worked very well for an OTC. I remember it actually made me jittery due to the caffeine content. Now it seems to be milder and not as effective as the old school version. Just my experience...

  6. I find that tanning sessions and 1 night of drinking the day before I want to take pictures works better than anything I've ever tried (that includes Lasix)..but I am DEFINITELY outside of the norm on that one..

  7. the strongest stuff I've tried was super china slim tea, it's got some nasty strong diuretics and is really cheap at asian markets


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