How bad are artificial sweetners?

  1. How bad are artificial sweetners?

    As I read over some sales info on jack3d on how it is better than most other pre workout supps, there was a line that said" is your preworkout drink making you fat" and attributed that to maltodextrine I believe and the effect on insulin sensitivity. Now my question is I am eating low carb and essentially 3 meals with carbs, any snack and post workout protein meals are low carbs in an effort to minimize insulin release and not put on fat. But one thing I do is add crystal light to some of my water throughout the day, cuase all I ever drink is water and like some flavor now and then, but it also contains malltodextrine, and if this is as bad for fat gain as usplabs literature stated, should I cut out the crystal light? I drink about 5 bottles of water a day with it in it, and another seven to eight bottles of water plain

  2. To be honest I doubt it ... artificial stuff who cares.

    High GI carb taken across the day - if its alot - in this case I doubt it - for one thing would raise background cortisol and could cause other sub-optimal stuff. You'd need someone with more knowledge of muscle growth and insulin response to answer the second part.

    Heaping it down post-work out on a protein meal (insulin spike) isn't a bad move.

  3. anyone else got any ideas

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