Maltodextrin nutrition labeling?

  1. Maltodextrin nutrition labeling?


    I don't know too much about the exact science behind maltodextrin and dextrose, but know there similar products. One thing I have noticed, however, is that 50g of dextrose has about 49g of sugar, whereas 50g of maltodextrin has almost no sugar. So if I consume 50g of maltodextrin postworkout then I don't have to add 50g of sugar to my daily intake of sugar, but if I instead use dextrose then I have to add 50g of suagr to my daily intake. I thought malto and dextrose where very similar, whats up with their labeling? Thanks


  2. Thanks for the link, so is maltodextrin a better choice for those looking to limit sugar intake?

  3. anyone else?

  4. IMHO you're better served using neither. Use oats or other whole food low GI complex carbohydrates.

    The glycemic index (GI) rates carbohydrate foods on how quickly blood sugar / glucose levels increase in the 2 - 3 hours after eating as the carbs are converted into glucose. Generally fat or protein doesn’t increase glucose levels.

    Eating higher GI foods produces a rapid increase in blood glucose levels, triggering the pancreas to produces insulin. Insulin causes the body’s muscle & liver cells to attempt to store the excess glucose. Imagine insulin as a shuttle, moving glucose from just digested foods into storage. If the digestive system is pumping glucose into the blood stream quicker than insulin can move it into the muscles/liver or glucose stays high too long, the body will convert the excess glucose into fat.

    Eating lower GI foods produces slower glucose raise, little insulin & fat storage, even if you have eaten high fat content foods!



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