Wicked Gas

  1. Wicked Gas

    i recently got back into working out,i had to take a 6 year lay-off due to an injury.i have always made my protein shakes using milk/juice, name brand protein and raw eggs. back then i believe the Whey proteins were concentrates,where-as i now use Whey Isolates...i use top name proteins and mix them together most times. now i will admit that the shakes always caused a small gas problem,(if i remember correctly ,it even became less of a problem after a short time) BUT MY GAS IS JUST PLAIN WICKED SMELLING these days. WHAT IS UP???...i mean ,i can clear out a stadium,it is that bad....also please note,that i always chew about 6 super papaya tabs to help with digestion of the protein.

  2. digestive enzymes before or with every meal
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  3. Concentrate would do it, especially mixed with milk. I started using isolate from Nutrabio and it makes a big difference

  4. thanks for the super fast replies.....what brand digestive tabs do you reccomend? i just added that i always chew 6 or more super papaya tabs with a shake.i have been using a combination of GNC Wheybolic 60,Muscle tech Nitrotech hardcore and recently added myogenix after shock critical mass. could the brand/type CREATENE be part of the gas problem?

  5. i buy now papaya enzymes and also try bromelain with it. its made from pineapple.

    edit: i also take animal paks which have digestive enzymes in them

  6. i just learned that i cannot Pm unless there are 7 posts to my topic...strange rule??so, thanks for the reply,what are animal packs and where can i see info on them?,larry

  7. Embrace your unique ability to clear a room. It will come in handy one day.

  8. www animalpak com/html/sections.cfm?****7#Anchor-selected-11481

    cant post links yet but im sure you can figure out how to make it work lol.

  9. thanks for the replies.and if clearing a room could make me some cash...i think i could quit my day job!!.any other digestive aids to suggest?

  10. Some people like Ginger, but it always gave me horrible heartburn. Brom/Papaya sounds like a winner in my books, try ginger if you can stomach it.

  11. thanks for the advice on the ginger..i will try that.i use it to prevent sea-sickness on my boat..the jury is still out on that one.i also ordered a stronger enzyme tab from puritan pride that has the papaya ,bromelien and several others...i hope it works...so does everyone else.ha!

  12. Quote Originally Posted by smeton_yea View Post
    digestive enzymes before or with every meal

    Also a probiotic.

    You could look into a colon cleans cycle

    Gas is produced by food fermenting inside you so a change in diet might also prove to offer some benefit.

    I was given some cheap protein since the person didn't like the taste. It gave me gas. Using a good high quality protein, which is typically more $$, may reduce the gas effect.
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    Screw all that stuff and just eat chicken and beef instead. Save the shakes for PWO, and don't take more than recommended of the shake at one time.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by dpfisher View Post
    Screw all that stuff and just eat chicken and beef instead. Save the shakes for PWO, and don't take more than recommended of the shake at one time.
    ^ this + chew every bite very very well. The act of chewing begins the breakdown process and aids digestion.

  15. thanks everyone. i think that i could very well be over doing it with the shakes. i use top of the line proteins,muscletech,gnc whey bolic ,etc. i think that maybe i have been taking the easy way out by mixing up shakes with plenty of egg whites and the occasional yoke. a friend said that he does six a day...but he also eats more chicken etc. than me...all the shakes are keeping me full,big mistake i think there.i do eat tuna and pasta with peas and the like, as well as fresh fruit and nuts....and i always start each day off with oatmeal. i must admit,i eat a whole lot less junk food since i got back into the gym mode,i dont even crave it.bacon going in the trash...just growing old in the freezer.

  16. I've been told Turkey bacon is a good alternetive

    diet sounds solid.

  17. had a simple revelation about my diet....i HATE chicken breast...dry and tastless,i was trying to eat it for health sake...but i kept pushing it away...i love chicken dark meat...so....... it is better to eat the wicked dark chicken than none at all.simple choice here.

  18. Dunno bout the US mate, but here in Aus, In the Supermarkets (grocery store) You can get this stuff called De-Gas. Obviously its not prescription or anything crazy just gets rid of gas, I always got em handy for a date
    There just in the section where all the basic home medicines are.
    But might be different over there.

  19. thanks,i did think about trying a product called BEANO. the stronger digestants did not make any difference.i hope i am at least absorbing more of the protein by using them.
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    sounds like someone is throwing away their money, or rather, farting it away lol. digestive enzymes and probiotics. I actually like Source Naturals' digestive enzymes myself. Ultimate Flora (50 Billion CFUs) is a good product to look into, too. Go with that for about a month and then drop it down to about 5 billion or so and maintain that dose.

  21. I FOUND THE CULPRIT....i have always used three raw eggs in my protein shakes with out any problems....the cause of my WICKED GAS was the eggs that i was using while at work...they must be sub-standard or something. i ran two week-end tests to make sure,and sure enough...only get the gas with the eggs at work!!!who would have thought!...i am glad that it wasnt the protein as i have quite a few containers that i snapped up on sale.


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