A couple questions.

  1. A couple questions.

    So i've been lifting since i was 14, I'm now nearly 20. All throughout high school i was working to play D-1 football and I've been working out here since the summer. In season i had to put on some weight to hang, because i was only at about 265, and it wasn't exactly the best weight. So i was figuring Spring lifting // Winter conditioning would definitely be the time to kick it in gear.

    Right now I weigh 282 @ 6'5/6'6, about 22% BFMy squat's dead at about 505, cleans / hang cleans both 315, and bench @ 405... My goal is to maintain a good 285, lose 2-4% body fat min (Steep goal, but easily do-able because it's mostly in my flat tire of a gut) and get my seemingly plateaued lifts back moving up a little bit.

    Most people say its obviously to early to start a PH but I've pretty much been the same size for a few years now and i'm starting to put on my "man" weight. Tell me what you think, i greatly appreciate it.


  2. post your daily diet, and your workout routine please.

    if you've been lifting for 6 years, and want to gain strength and size, maybe DC training may be your style. combine that with HIIT (and limited carbs) on off days and you should hit your goal pretty easily.

    your lifts are pretty damned good for your size though - one of my best friends is 6'7" and holy crap does he have a long way to move a bar.

  3. i would make it a goal to lose a couple inches off the waist in a specific time period and not worry about how much you weigh. dude your strong as an ox already and 6ft5.
    as a football player i would strive for 12-16% for health reasons that is just me though do as you wish

    and yes i think you are "too early" to start a ph. take advantage of that natural test it only comes around once.

    i could be wrong but i may now at 28 notice a difference now from when i was 21.
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  4. Diet:

    9am: 1 Muscle Milk, Bagel

    12pm: Something bigger (Chicken quesadilla, 2 chicken patties, Couple burger patties, etc. With some fruit // cottage cheese, or yogurt, etc.

    3pm: (Pre-workout meal), Small bag of beef jerky. Can't really eat much before ... damn pac-10 workouts are no joke.

    5:15pm: (Directly post workout): Protein shake consisting of 2 gatorade shakes (they suck but it's that or muscle milk that sponsor us) a couple ounces of fruit, some milk, and water.

    6pm: Whatever training table is: 2 8 oz chicken breasts, veggies, mac & cheese or whatever the carb loader is.

    9pm: Another something small, some fruit, or if i'm real hungry a quesadilla or something.

    (The quesadillas are super convenient because they are made in the market next to our dorm 24 hrs per day)

    Also keep in mind that i still have to get to classes and practice and films and meetings, and the campus isn't exactly small we have 30,000 kids so i can't be walking home to go eat and make food, i know this isn't an ideal diet, but i work with what i've got.


    Always different things, but today consisted of:

    15 minutes of cardio for warm-ups (high knees, rudiment, 30 M build-ups, 10 10 yard get-offs)
    8 sets of Hang cleans (2 @ 225, 2 @ 245, 2 @ 275, 2 @315)
    4x4 sets of clean pulls (All at 335)
    3 sets of 10 Squat jumps (50 lb dumbbell)
    4 sets of 10 steps (Each leg, total of 20) lunges (W/ 100 lb dumbbells in hand)
    3 sets of reverse-hypers (45 lb plate against chest)
    2 sets of 50 on slide board

  5. Sorry,

    As long as the routine i go 5 days a week (M-F)

    4-5:30 ish

  6. i would consider DC training for you, but modify the rep ranges more for strength gains. something more along the lines of 6-8, 3-4, 1-2 for your rep ranges, and for gods sake, add in some cholesterol and mono fats to your diet - they're two of the building blocks of testosterone, and you've got no mono fats worth mentioning, and the cholesterol in cheese/dairy may not be enough for your size. eggs my friend for cholesterol (3-4 per day) and nuts/peanut butter for your mono fats.

    you can read more about DC training at :
    www.intensemuscle.com (prepare to get frustrated)
    http://anabolicminds.com/forum/exerc...ything-dc.html (easier read)

    supplement that with HIIT on your non training days, and you should be set in my opinion. with regard to off days, switch out all sugars/white bread and rice etc for whole wheats.

    that's my opinion at least.

    trying out DC exactly as it is written isn't a bad idea either. combined with HIIT and you should see improvements pretty quick.

  7. Haha, I would love to be able to switch out reps... You could talk to the most recent winner of the "Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year" if you want... but i'm not gonna say anything

    But i'll read into all that, thanks a lot for your opinion man.

  8. well, there's always just doing basic diet work - adding in healthy fats and more cholesterol (HDL), and HIIT and you can get results that way. i'm not sure if you'll gain much muscle though, which would end up leaving you at 6'6" and 260.

    give some of the other guys a few days to come up with some answers - check back daily, and i guarantee someone will have a great idea. welcome to AM my brotha

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Wildcat59 View Post
    Haha, I would love to be able to switch out reps... You could talk to the most recent winner of the "Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year" if you want... but i'm not gonna say anything

    But i'll read into all that, thanks a lot for your opinion man.
    pure strength training doesn't necessarily lead to mass. i think your coach would see the merits of DC training for your goals, though again, its really your call. if pure "balls to the wall" strength training is what you're trying to achieve, by all means, your coach is on the right track. additionally, you could PM "Kabuki" who is a beast with his lifts. see video below :

    YouTube- Deadlift 545x16 and 650x8

    lastly, a friendly bump for your thread, and again, someone on this forum will have a better answer than i do.

  10. get on a mild test booster, some creatine and eat a crap load of lean foods. that should put the weight on you. all about FOOD!!!
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