1. Cellucore?

    I have so many buddies who swear by their products especially M5 and the old P6. I was wondering if anyone has tried the new M5 and if they think its worth it if you can get a discounts.

  2. I've done a full cycle of Nzero and it's the best preworkout for crash-free pump and focus. It's just too expensive for me. Quality of Cellucore's stuff is great, but you pay for it. It's best getting it off of ebay.

  3. thanks man, no one else has opinions? i thought this would be a hott topic

  4. I wish I could give you my own opinion but there is no damn way I'm spending that kind of money when there is so many other good products out. But...a guy I work with was bragging about the gains he made while on a product made by Cellucor and said it was one of the best product out there. And keep in mind, this was after he took Winstrol. So to me...if you have the money then give it a try and let us know BUT there are plenty other good products out there with a lot of reviews and only a percent of the cost. Just my $.02 though. Let us know what you decide though, I'm definitely interested in hearing about someone on AM using Cellucor

  5. i am the same way gym rat...i dont wanna spend the money if its just the same as white flood, or super pump or the 100s of others out their

  6. From what I gather it's a pretty overhyped company. I can't really say for sure unless I tried something of theirs, but nothing really stands out to me. I think there are better options.

    It's my recommendation that you stick with a company that is a board sponsor on AM. They're all pretty legit.


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