Redline Ultra Hardcore Black on Blue

  1. Redline Ultra Hardcore Black on Blue

    This is new product rigth?

    VPX Has Taken the Incredibly Successful RedLine Product to the Ultra Hardcore Level!

    VPX has created the world's first and most advanced tri-action pharmacokinetics, RedLine Ultra Harcore! The Tri-Action LIQRUSH and Multi-Stage Microtab delivery innovation is Biotechnology exclusive to VPX. First, the clear faster acting liquid delivers submicron actives into your body within seconds. Yellow Microtabs then go to work in minutes and deliver potent fat incinerating ingredients for three hours. When all other fat burners fail Redline Ultra Hardcore Red Microtabs release into the system from 3 hours up to 7 hours!

  2. i saw it... looks fancy... but who knows if this "microtab" technology is anything special or just a gimmick

  3. vpx is alright. ain't tried redline yet... except the one in no shotgun

  4. sheet, I have a bottle of redline, and rec. dosage is 3 caps e/d. just one makes me feel like a meth head. 3, and got dayum, I cant handle it.

    I cant imagine something stronger than regular redline. that would be just dangerous.

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