Black particles in my Green Mag?

  1. Exclamation Black particles in my Green Mag?

    Question for the Controlled Labs reps. I just started taking Green Mag, I notice that settling in the bottom of my cup/shaker are black particles. It looks literally like dirt. This is odd b/c when I checked by GM container I didn't see anything like that in there. Now before you ask lol, the shaker was completely clean before I drank my GM, and this has happened every time. Is this an ingredient? Part of the flavoring? Or is it just something being up with the batch? I guess it's not much of a big deal, just don't want to be drinking anything nasty. Any help or info is appreciated.

  2. sounds like part of the flavoring, but pm me so I can figure out details from you

  3. never had that happen before
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