Is this zinc + vit c product safe for daily intake?

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    Is this zinc + vit c product safe for daily intake?

    Hey guys!

    I'd like to start taking zinc daily, so I was wondering wether this product is safe for a daily usage

    how much zinc daily would be overkill? is this product safe?


    EDIT: DAMN, I can't post url's yet.

    here's a direct translation from the german original:

    Ingredients of Body Attack Zinc chelate: microcrystalline cellulose filler, zinc amino acid chelate, gelatin (capsule shell, beef), L-ascorbic acid), titanium dioxide color (capsule shell.

    Content per capsule of chelated zinc:

    * 125mg (20% zinc Aminosäurechealt) result Zinc 25mg
    * Vitamin C 60mg extended release
    * 200mg dextrose

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    no problem with the zinc! most ZMA product contains ~30mg/dose, I think 18mg is 100% RDI

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