Test boosters and headaches

  1. Test boosters and headaches

    About 6 months ago I tried a run with Prime and Powerfull but by the second day I had horrible headaches. I stuck with it for about a week but the headaches were constant so I bailed on that run.

    A couple of days ago I started with HGHup and T-Force. Both yesterday and today I've had some pretty bad headaches.

    Only other things I'm taking are your basic supps: protein, fish oil, zma, daily multi vitamin and Jacked pre-workout (I take a month off between cans of Jacked or the geranium loses it's impact on me).

    So... should I ride it out and see if it passes or am I just out of luck with these products?

  2. Hmmm, i've heard before that excessive t levels can cause minor brain cell loss... Don't know how legit that claim was though :S I'd try a few more days, if headaches persist i'd stop using...

  3. Whats your water intake like? It could be related unless you are drinking 12+ glasses a day.

  4. water intake is on the high side. At least a gallon a day plus whatever I get from fountains at the gym. I carry a half gallon jug with me all day and finish it twice a day at least.

  5. have you checked bloodpressure ?

  6. Haven't checked blood pressure. That may be it. However, today was headache free. Maybe it's just the ramp up that throws me outta whack.

  7. very true. you also hve to drink alot of water and like the user above said, watch your bp
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  8. You may have a high level of sensativity to supp's. Best to listen to what your body is telling you. Recommend adjusting the dose lower and spread out over the day. Once you've built up a tolerance then try increasing the dose. You could try the company subforum's to get input from their reps.


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