Liquid vs. Powdered Creatine

  1. Liquid vs. Powdered Creatine

    I have recently heard that liquid and effervescent creatine are better choices than powdered because they are absorbed by the body at a faster rate. Does anyone know if there is any scientific proof of this, or has used both?

  2. from what i read, liquid creatine is unstable. or creatine in general starts breaking down after a few hours. honestly stick with cheap azz creatine mono or creapure and save your money. nutra has that stuff for like a buck a month. cheap and effective

  3. i would go the extra mile and get kre-alkalyn caps from sci-fit or another reputable cheap company,it is like $20 a month and u don't experience ne bloating from poor digestion of the compound as it is buffered to reach the bloodstream more efficiently as oppossed to creatine monohydrate,which is converted mostly to waste causing bloating of the stomach which is uncomfortable and even if it doesnt bother u it will affect that hard ripped look we all seem 2 want n that area.Also ppl report that they don't build up much of a tolerance 2 it allowing them to keep it running effectively for long periods of time.Most supps come out with a new and improved version that bypasses the processes of the body that tend to inhibit it's effectiveness.This is the case with arginine,creatine,carnitine,ci trulline,alpha-lipoic-acid,chromium picolinate.....If u research the info on these products u will probably c that it is better to get the more effective versions of them and almost all of the most popular supp formulations today use these version of peoples favorite products.I mean at the end of the day they both do their job and if u r 1 of the few ppl who can tolerate hi doses of the monohydrate then more power 2 u.But if u wanted to get a person drunk u would probably choose liquor as oppossed 2 beer if u get my drift!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. My feeling is for the average natural guy normal creatine versus supposed cutting edge products provides absolutley no benefit. Supplements are merely adding the 2-3 % bonus on top of a hard training physique so I always suggest less worry about the differences and more focus on the weights and recovery!!

  5. I agree and disagree but i just want 2 make sure ppl r informed about their options and don't waste 50 bucks on a big tub of creatine monohydrate and then find out it upsets their stomach as most ppl complain.Also if a person is going to supplement then creatine is definitely where i would start it is proven and it is the second immediate source of cellular is involved in atp production and there r several more creatine molecules in the cell than atp,therefore creatine serves to instantaneously regenerate atp is especially important if the person is not taking more than a minute rest n between lifts as atp will have a hard time regenarating n that amount of time and the creatine will factor n2 energy production.When I am getting clients started on a good program I always tell them 2 focus on getting their diet down and tell them not 2 worry about supps whether they r bulking or cutting.But this is the supplement forum and ppl ask questions so that they can learn more about supps.Also 4 all we no this guy could have been training 4 a while already and creatine might really help him out.The fact is we don't no his status and he doesn't seem 2 have much creatine knowledge so we should b educating him as that is the purpose of the forum.And to say that creatine offers no benefit would b a big red flag as it offers benefits 2 ne1 who uses it properly.A person can only work a muscle so much n the day but we can spend the rest of that day feeding it anabolic supps to induce more muscle growth and help fight the genetics we have been given 2 look and lift like beasts.If a person uses supps properly no matter how experienced a lifter they r then more power 2 them and more power 2 them 4 trying 2 b educated by asking questions on the forum.



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