1. nootropics

    Which do you think is better if cost was not a issue?

    I was thinking Pramiracetam would be better than Aniracetam and Oxiracetam with very little info is the best choice.

    Also where can I get bulk CDP Choline which also increases Uridine which is important for neurological function (see the referenced studies below). I recently had my business partner switched form alpha-GPC to CDP Choline (a.k.a citocholine).

    [1] MIT research offers new hope for Alzheimer's patients, PMID: 18606862, PMID: 18631994, PMID: 18761383, PMID: 19262950, PMID: 19136840

    The PIMD #s are PubMed IDs.

  2. Any body?

  3. If price is really not an issue I guess Pramiracetam will do, here is a link I found about it and including sales source:****151& (Seems legit, no experience with that site though)

    From Wiki:
    Oxiracetam - Water-soluble racetam (2 to 4 times more potent than Piracetam)
    Aniracetam - Fat-soluble racetam (4 to 8 times more potent than Piracetam)
    Pramiracetam - Fat-soluble racetam (8 to 30 times more potent than Piracetam)

    So I am assuming for the ultimate racetam effect your best bet would be the pramira version, since you will be getting the higher potency, and I am assuming effectiveness, in lesser doses.

    As for the CDP Choline, I only seem to find capsule versions, CDP Choline


  4. Yea I can only find capps too , I would love to buy bulk if possible

    Hup a
    cpd coline

  5. Any one else have comments?

  6. My buddy has experimented with the racetams extensively. He uses choline citrate as his choline source after trying a few others (AGPC, DMAE)

    Oxi hits you all at once, and is probably best for studying things. Piracetam gives a general boost, but builds up over a few weeks. Ani is somewhere in the middle. I think he likes all 3, but practically and for cost reasons Piracetam is the staple. Ani and Oxi are significantly better for memory.

    He also takes and likes vinpocetine. Says it clears mental fog.

    I had some of the Pirace + choline and experienced very vivid dreams, the first night. Maybe placebo, but I was unconscious so I doubt it.


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