Prime + HGHup Final Review

  1. Prime + HGHup Final Review

    I felt pretty good on this stuff. The few main things that stick out from this stack are the amazing sleep you get from HGHup. I give that a 10/10. Prime increased my strength like crazy. I have always loved Prime. Here are the main lifts i focused on and my weight gains

    Body Weight: 171 : 174. I look alot harder so i believed i lost a few pounds of fat and gained a net gain on 3 pounds. (3 pounds fat lost, 6 pounds muscle gained). I now have stretch marks on the underside of my shoulder (only like 2).

    Barbell Bench: 225x6 : 245x5 = about 20 pounds on bench
    DB Bench: 85x7 : 100x4 = Huge milestone for me hitting 100s
    Lat Pulldown 140x8 : 175x10 = wow!

    You can look under my thread to see all my other lifts I do and how much I have increased on what.

    My squats are slowly going up. I lift legs today so I will post previous squats as well as tonight's squats whether its front or normal squats. I would recommend this stack to anybody, although i wish i threw in 2nd gear during the stack. I am taking pics monthly starting this month, january. so any month you want to see throughout the year PM me and I will send them. I plan on putting them up every 6 months. I plan on running Prime with DTP or HGHup with 2 bottles back to back with a lighter test booster than DTP like maybe sustain alpha or something like this. anybody have an questions or wanna see a specific lift i increased on lemme know and i will post either on this post or my current log of green mag and 2nd gear stack.
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  2. Very nice review!
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  3. Once again, thank you for your review.

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  4. Quote Originally Posted by nattydisaster View Post
    Very nice review!
    thanks bro! ima give my body a few months rest then early May gonna run a stack similar to this but add a natty T with it
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Guejsn View Post
    Once again, thank you for your review.

    Team APPNUT
    You're welcome! Thanks for following
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