insulin mimickers

  1. insulin mimickers

    insulin use has intrigued me. but yet i am not willing to take the plunge yet. wich supplement would be the next best thing to using insulin? i already no it won't be the same, i just want the next best thing supplement wise.

  2. Things like Taurine and I believe AKG is supposed to mimick insulin, I know taurine has been proved to be no where near, as for AKG, I dont know if anyone knows how effective it is yet. Your best best however is to spike your own.

  3. slin isn't so bad...all you have to do is keep track of your diet and make sure you have access to sugars if you go low...  (ie - keep a candy bar or a coke with you or something).... make sure you get a blood sugar testing kit....thatll help tremendously

    but I agree with YJ...I don't think anything will really mimic insulin, only decrease or increase insulin sensitivity...

  4. Isn't ALA (alpha lipoic acid) supposed to "mimic insulin" or at lease act as a kind of nutrient partitioning agent?


    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  5. Originally posted by Lifeguard
    Isn't ALA (alpha lipoic acid) supposed to "mimic insulin" or at lease act as a kind of nutrient partitioning agent?


    Yes and it would be the next best thing to using insulin as a supplement, I failed to mention it because of its price, this is not something you can afford (well at least not me) to use on a regualr basis, things like taurine and AKG are affordable and so it dextrose. Your best bet is to use good old fashion dextrose.

  6. Originally posted by YellowJacket

    Yes and it would be the next best thing to using insulin as a supplement, I failed to mention it because of its price, ... Your best bet is to use good old fashion dextrose.
    Yeah whenever I used dextrose with creatine (when I actually used creatine ) it always made me want to fall asleep due to the insulin spike...hehe...ahhh memories of creatine...


    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  7. I'm not really a big fan of SAN, but...

    The Anabolic Power Of Insulin
    by John Barton

    Amazing gains in ripped muscle mass and the most incredible pumps of your life are guaranteed when you harness the anabolic power of Insulin! Revolutionary new scientific formulation makes the effects of insulin as potent as testosterone for rapid gains in muscularity and strength.

    For rapid muscle mass and strength gains, testosterone is one of the most anabolic hormones in the world. High testosterone levels (whether from steroids, prosteroids or prohormones) are responsible for stimulating anabolic activity, which results in a huge, ripped, rock hard physique. But, testosterone is not the only anabolic hormone that determines how much muscle and strength you will develop. Insulin is the forgotten anabolic hormone, but is the key to maximizing muscle growth and strength increases.

    Everybody knows about testosterone and its potent effects. But few are aware of how critical insulin...and more specifically insulin management is. Insulin is responsible for transporting nutrients through the bloodstream to guarantee maximum absorption and utilization of any and all supplements (legal and illegal). Insulin also intensifies the delivery of carbohydrates, and supplements like creatine, glutamine, and others into the muscle cells for amazing pumps and muscle fullness.

    You may be familiar with the term “insulin spike”. It refers to a rapid rise in insulin levels in the body usually brought on by a concentrated dose of simple sugars, found in most high-carb creatine transport products. An insulin spike is necessary to carry and deliver nutrients through the bloodstream and into muscle cells. So far, so good? Insulin spikes are great and effective.. with no downsides, right? Well, not exactly.

    The problem with insulin spikes is that they can also cause excess carbs (carbs that aren’t completely metabolized) to be stored as fat.

    Insulin is a powerful anabolic hormone, as long as you control how it affects your body. If you manage insulin properly you can gain 10-20 pounds of muscle mass in 4-6 weeks, but if you don’t you can easily pack on some serious fat. Top pro and amateur bodybuilders have used injectable forms of insulin in their stacks as a means to accelerate muscular weight gains in the off season.

    Typically, these bodybuilders would take a shot of insulin immediately following an intense training session, just minutes before eating a huge post-workout meal. Insulin was used to transport the carbs back into their depleted muscles to replenish their fullness and also to deliver protein so it could be quickly synthesized into a lean mass for a harder, more vascular physique.

    I don’t recommend injectable insulin use because it is dangerous to manipulate your body through injectable insulin. Sure you can gain weight, but a lot of time the weight is fat you never lose. Plus, if you don’t eat enough carbs within a short time after taking a shot of insulin, you could do into diabetic shock...or even a diabetic coma. It’s obviously not worth the risk. Still, because insulin has the potential for such amazing anabolic effects, bodybuilders risk their health for the reward. Doesn’t make much sense, but is an indication of just how dramatic an effect insulin can have on muscle building. But now you don’t have to risk your health to experience the power of insulin. Because now there’s a brand new, just discovered way to manipulate insulin, for your own muscular benefit, that’s completely safe and legal.

    Loaded by SAN is the most sophisticated “insulin mimicker” ever created and is a combination of the five most potent insulin manipulating compounds. Loaded is scientifically designed to increase the activity and positive effects of insulin without increasing insulin levels in the body.
    I know you just read that sentence, but you’ve really got to think about it and understand it to truly appreciate how revolutionary Loaded is. Loaded will cause deliver carbs into the muscle cells for skin bursting pumps and muscle fullness. Loaded will transport all nutrients, like amino acids from protein, creatine and all other supplements through the bloodstream and into the muscles for unparalleled anabolic activity. And it will do all this without increasing insulin levels in the body. Imagine if a new “testosterone mimicker” was introduced that caused strength increases, muscle mass gains and greatly intensified protein synthesis..but didn’t cause an increase in testosterone levels. That would be astounding...hopefully Matthias Boldt, the supplement chemist from SAN...will make that his next project.

    But back to Loaded and its amazing ability to mimic the positive effects associated with insulin, while completely eliminating all the negatives side effects of insulin spikes. There is a delicate balance between insulin and glucose that must be maintained in order to promote anabolism. As glucose levels increase, insulin levels must also increase proportionally. As glucose levels decrease, insulin levels must also decrease proportionally. As long as this balance is maintained, you might pack on muscle mass and increase strength with each passing day. But if this balance is thrown outta whack, you will find yourself mysteriously gaining body fat and losing strength.

    When you experience an insulin spike, from eating regular food or taking supplements (containing primarily high glycemic simple sugars), the body senses the presence of high levels of carbs and releases insulin to transport the carbs and nutrients. The insulin is also used to lower blood sugar levels. This is the primary reason diabetics use insulin. Their bodies do not produce and release adequate amounts of insulin to effectively lower blood sugar levels, so they must use an external source of insulin to regulate the balance between insulin and glucose.

    Back to bodybuilders and the insulin/glucose balance. When blood sugar levels rise, the body releases insulin. Once insulin is released, the blood sugar is lowered to normal levels. But if your body is insulin resistant, blood sugar levels will not be easily lowered to the normal range. Insulin resistance is a sign of the beginning stages of diabetes and occurs when the body is not able to utilize the released insulin correctly.

    Because blood sugar levels aren’t lowered by the release of a normal amount of insulin (your body is resistant to the effects of insulin, or “insulin resistant”), you continue to release more insulin in the attempt to lower blood sugar levels and regulate the insulin/glucose balance. When this happens and your body releases excess insulin, carbohydrates are not efficiently metabolized. This means carbs are stored as body fat, instead of being used as energy or for loading muscles with glycogen. So, do you see the dangers of excess insulin?

    When insulin levels are higher than necessary, fat will begin to be stockpiled on your body.

    Bodybuilders use injectable insulin to stimulate a huge and immediate insulin spike to unlock the barrier to muscle cells and transport nutrients quickly for unbelievable muscular weight gains...up to 20 pounds in just a few weeks. In addition to insulin, many bodybuilders have also used an oral drug, glucophage, which is another way to cause an insulin spike. But remember, we talked about the danger of also packing on insulin fat. The rapid muscle mass gain is just an example to illustrate the potential of insulin as an anabolic hormone.
    The key is to harness the anabolic power of insulin, gain the muscle and strength and greatly intensify protein synthesis and nutrient absorption, while simultaneously neutralizing its potentially adverse effects. Loaded does all that and more by assembling the dream team of insulin mimickers:

    1.) Alpha Lipoic Acid
    2.) R-Alpha Lipoic Acid
    3.) Vanadyl Sulfate
    4.) Guanidinopropionic Acid
    5.) 3-0-Methyl-Chiroinositol

    Those 5 ingredients, in specific dosages, accomplish the goal of insulin mimicking without increasing insulin levels in the body. Individually, each compound mimics the effects of insulin. But when combined, these 5 insulin-mimicking all-stars trigger an explosion of anabolic activity in your body.

    In recent years, R/S & D/L Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) has come to the forefront as the newest and most effective insulin mimicker. It’s a component of many creatine formulas, as well as meal replacements etc... No doubt about it, ALA is potent when it comes to simulating the effects of insulin. There have been numerous legitimate university studies performed demonstrating alpha lipoic acid’s effectiveness.

    However, most, if not all, versions of alpha lipoic acid currently on the market are the regular ALA. And there’s nothing wrong with regular ALA. 100 mg of regular ALA are even included in Loaded. But it’s the “R” version of ALA that has been shown to be the more potent form of alpha lipoic acid. This is why for the first time the “R” form of ALA is available to the bodybuilding community.

    100 mg of “R” ALA combine synergistically with 100 mg of regular ALA for the most complete 1-2 punch of ALA and its amazing insulin mimicking effects.

    Alpha Lipoic Acid is also a powerful antioxidant that regulates a healthy immune system and prevents the effects of overtraining, so you recover quickly and completely from intense workouts.

    Almost 10 years ago, one of the first insulin mimicking products, vanadyl sulfate, was introduced to the bodybuilding public. Vanadyl sulfate is the soluble form of the mineral vanadium and was used successfully to simulate insulin spikes and drive carbs into muscle cells for fullness and hardness. The problem with vanadyl wasn’t vanadyl. Vanadyl sulfate worked..and still does works. The problem is that people began taking excessive dosages of vanadyl. And with this abuse of a good product came the findings that high levels of vanadyl sulfate can be mildly toxic to the body. But there is a simple solution. Simply use small doses of vanadyl and your body will never build up toxic levels, nor will it become resistant to the effects of vanadyl. Because vanadyl is just 1 of 5 powerful insulin-mimicking compounds, a lesser amount is extremely effective. This is why a modest dose of 10 mg of vanadyl sulfate is included in Loaded’s formulation.

    The third component in Loaded is Guanidinopropionic Acid

    Guanidinopropionic Acid is such a remarkable compound because it mimics the effects of the release of insulin without the need for carbohydrates. Its actions have been compared to those of the drug, glucophage, that was mentioned earlier regarding the balance of insulin and glucose. Guanidinopropionic Acid mimics the positive glycemic properties of carbs, which include transporting nutrients, loading muscles with glycogen for fullness and vascularity, supplying readily accessible energy sources for intense training. Guanidinopropionic Acid eliminates the negative effects of carbs, which include storing excess carbohydrate calories as fat and negatively affecting energy levels by causing rapid rises and falls in blood sugar levels.

    But the real beauty of Loaded is that, with the help of 250 mg of guanidinopropionic acid, it can also handle the high carb levels found in creatine formulas and weight gainers because it will transport them into muscle cells.

    The ingredients in Loaded deliver the “mimicked” insulin spike. This means you don’t have to worry about the carbs being stored as fat. In fact, Loaded’s amazing insulin mimicking activity has been shown to result in the healthy respiration of fat tissue in the mitochondria of fat cells…which means it can actually cause fat to be burned as a preferred source of energy, and can possibly shrink the size of fat cells.

    D-pinitol (3-0-Methyl-Chiroinositol) is the fifth and final insulin-mimicking agent found in Loaded.

    D-pinitol is a methylated sugar and, in a dose of 100 mg, contributes to the overall potency of Loaded. D-pinitol, in combination with the 4 other ingredients in Loaded (ALA & R-ALA, Vanadyl Sulfate, and Guanidinopropionic Acid), optimizes the use of high glucose levels by transporting nutrients into the muscle cells and through the bloodstream for rapid absorption and uptake. And while Loaded is excellent at dealing high carb levels, it is also ideal for ketogenic diets as well. Loaded will also accomplish the effects of an insulin spike without the necessity for carbs. Overall Loaded’s ingredients will intensify and accelerate the delivery and transport of all nutrients into the muscle cells and through the bloodstream. Regarding carbs, Loaded will slam the carbs into your muscles for massive pumps and fullness. With protein, Loaded will greatly enhance protein synthesis because the amino acids in protein will be easily accessible for quick and rapid absorption in the body. And with cell volumizing supplements like V-12, Loaded will dramatically improve how well the product is utilized.

    Loaded’s one-of-a-kind insulin mimicking formula guarantees you will be the master of insulin and its anabolic power. It used to be insulin was the anabolic hormone to be feared. And that fear and respect came with good reason. But that was before Loaded and its unique ability to mimic the effects of insulin without increasing insulin levels in the body. Now, with Loaded, you’ll finally be able to benefit from insulin’s ability to pack chiseled muscle mass onto your frame, skyrocket your strength levels, and burn body fat simultaneously. But you won’t have to rely on insulin to do the work....Loaded will take care of it all.

    Loaded is simple to use. Just take 2 capsules/2 times daily with food. Within the first few days you will begin to sense something happening. You will be stronger in the gym. Your pumps will be so intense you might feel like you can’t handle the painful intensity of your muscle contractions. You’ve never felt anything like this before. Your strength will begin to increase and your body will take on a harder look. You’ll be on your way to becoming a physical badass. After 2 weeks, you’ll know you’ve tapped into one of the real anabolic secrets. And the gains will just keep on comin. For maximum results, 8-12 week cycles have proven to be most effective. Within 2-3 months you won’t even recognize your physique when you look in the mirror...but everyone in your gym will want to know what your taking. It’s up to you whether or not you let them in on your anabolic secret. After a 2-3 week break, you should begin another cycle.

  8. John Barton in that article says insulin is an anabolic hormone??????????????

  9. Originally posted by Workman
    John Barton in that article says insulin is an anabolic hormone??????????????
    Yes, slin is probably the most anabolic hormone. Its the bodies storage hormone and when used properly, is untouchable.

  10. Best insulin mimicker I've used is definetly ALA. And like insulin if you use while consuming a bulking type diet, you will get fat.
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  11. I'm curious about San's Loaded product also. I wonder if the amount of ingredients in the capsules would be enough to do what they claim it would.

  12. im curoius abiut Vanadyl sulfate because it puts more nutirients into the muscle.

    now ive been taking 100 mgs because on a thread enitiled ALA vs. VS a giy says take no less than 100 mgs.

    so is it 10 mgs or 100 mgs ..

  13. I take Ala . Right now i cant afford r-ala , which is more potent.

    I have some Vanadyl Sulfate and will finish this bottle up at 50 mgs post-training. but i think im going to stick with ala, and mabe when i have more $$ r-ala. This knoweldge is useful.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by WYD02
    slin isn't so bad...all you have to do is keep track of your diet and make sure you have access to sugars if you go low...  (ie - keep a candy bar or a coke with you or something).... make sure you get a blood sugar testing kit....thatll help tremendously
    jesus that is horrible and dangerous advice.

    1) candy bars??? any fat you eat while under the influence of an exogenous insulin is destined to be sucked up and deposited. rule #2 with slin is to avoid fats at all cost.

    2) coke??? fructose is a terrible and not-too-quick sugar. simpler sugars like dextrose, glucose and sucrose are far better.

    but it's true, slin is no big deal if done safely and with respect for the substance. use the fastest acting you can get, eat your carbs, and watch for signs of hypo. keep a glucose monitor around if you arent familiar with the sides of low blood sugar....and dont try it while cutting!!


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