B6 decreases response to hormones

  1. B6 decreases response to hormones

    Considering vitamin B6 seems to be in such a wide variety of supplements, I thought this was an interesting study:

    Modulation of steroid receptor-mediated gene expression by vitamin B6.
    Author: Tully, D B : Allgood, V E : Cidlowski, J A
    Citation: FASEB-J. 1994 Mar 1; 8(3): 343-9
    Abstract: Gene transcription mediated by steroid hormones has become one of the most extensively characterized model systems for studying the regulation of gene expression in eukaryotic cells. However, specific details of gene regulation by steroid hormones are often complex and may be unique in specific cell types. Diverse regulatory mechanisms leading to either activation or repression of particular genes frequently involve interactions between steroid hormone receptors and other ubiquitous and/or cell-specific transcription factors that act on the complex promoter of the regulated gene. Interplay between steroid receptor-mediated and other signal transduction pathways may also be involved. In addition, recent novel results indicate that moderate variations in the intracellular concentration of pyridoxal 5'-phosphate (PLP), the biologically active form of vitamin B6, can have pronounced modulatory effects on steroid-induced gene expression. Specifically, elevation of intracellular PLP levels leads to decreased transcriptional responses to glucocorticoid, progesterone, androgen, or estrogen hormones. Conversely, cells in a vitamin B6-deficient state exhibit enhanced responsiveness to steroid hormones. One aspect of the mechanism by which these transcriptional modulatory effects of PLP occur has recently been shown to involve interruption of functional interactions between steroid hormone receptors and the nuclear transcription factor NF1. These findings--that the vitamin B6 nutritional status of cells modulates their capacity to respond to steroid hormones--impose an additional level of cell-specific control over steroid hormone regulation of gene expression and will serve as the focal point for this review.
    According to this, B6 decreases the affect testosterone has on androgen receptors. Anyone have any incite?

  2. damn,,never heard of that,,,good find

    well i just got some p5p been on it since last week,,,and im on a crap load of hormones so i will report back if i start shrinking

    maybe thats why b6 is recommended for people with gyno? and PMS and other hormonal disorders?

  3. dang...very nice. i know DTP has b6 in it though....thats a good post though
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  4. Interesting, but only so much.

    Have the full study, or just the abstract?



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