Whey Protein - Natural

  1. Whey Protein - Natural

    Curious if anyone has any suggestions where I can buy some whey protein with no artificial sweeteners (aspartame or splenda)... and no Stevia.

    I'd prefer recommendatios of unsweetened high quality protein, but I'd be ok with natural sweeteners (cane sugar / fructose)...

    Reasoning - I'm completely giving up artificial sweeteners. I have about 15 pounds of whey at the crib to burn through (or give away)... I've already started with the unsweetened coffee / no diet soda / etc.

  2. Stevia is a natural sweetener, why wouldnt you want that? how bout make homemade protein bars..just an idea to use up some of that protein powder.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by vpower View Post
    Stevia is a natural sweetener, why wouldnt you want that? how bout make homemade protein bars..just an idea to use up some of that protein powder.
    Err... if I make homemade protein bars - I'm still consuming it...

    Stevia is natural - yes... In that it is a naturally occuring leaf derivative. However, I'm veering away from anything that is generally pushed upon the American public as a "safe food additive"...

  4. Try these folks. The prices are great. You can even get a 25lb. bag of unflavored for $99.


  5. Awesome... Just what I was looking for.

  6. Optimum Nutrition has Natural Pro Complex with cane sugar.
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  7. Protein Factory.

  8. I'm in the process of starting to produce my own whey supplement as I am so frustrated with the whey products that are currently on the market. I am so over paying for overpriced marketing and artificial results. In a nutshell, I can't promise much, but I will promise this: (1) technologically advanced whey, (2) product of USA (3) no fillers or sweeteners (4) independent lab tests to verify these claims. In order to put together a product I will take myself, I had to buy the whey in bulk, so I will have a ton (literally) left over. If anyone is interested, hit me up

  9. Anything from Optimum Nutrition's "natural" product line.

  10. Well, We are using here in brasil shiped from there u are, the "raw" material for most of wheys that are sold in USA.
    search for Hilmar cheese, Eriefoods and gamblia.
    It seems to be that 99% of optimum, milk and other brand of supls protein uses those raws. It is pure, without any sugar added. I am using hilmar 88%cwp and erie milk protein for 6months. good price, good gains.
    Ow, maybe it'd be better buy it with some else, because it is sold in 20Kg pack at least!


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