I am about to start using MAN Clout. It says to take two servings a day one with food, then one following your workout. Do you think it makes a difference taking it on an empty stomach versus food?

  2. Yes. Some of the ingredients absorb better on a full stomach. Pre-workout obviously isn't a great time to eat much, so empty is fine too.

  3. Normally if something is supposed to be taken with food that means it has fat soluble ingredients, so i'd advise getting some fat in you before taking this.

  4. alright sounds good, appreciate it.

  5. Bnatural, you need to dose twice daily for a full bottle, then I would do one on off days, 2 on workout days, for full effect. The stuff is awesome.

  6. I would take it on a full stomach, i did Clout/Scorch for a while and had really bad bowel problems and it smells as if the stuff just ran right through you, and i doubt you'll enjoy the taste much, i found it to be like burning fruit punch.

    Anyways, enjoy it, it works fairly well!


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